July 2018

Elk Call

Elk Calling Part 1

Wildlife biologist Chris Roe owner of Roe Hunting Resources offers science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication on part one of our Elk calling series.

Dr. Ed Ashby

Dr. Ed Ashby

A lifetime of huning knowledge is shared by Dr. Ed Ashby in this Episode.  Learn from the master, learn to hunt, and find what arrow works best.

Aron and Frank's Hunting Gear list

Aron and Frank’s Hunting Gear List

Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta are about to embark on a fourteen-day hunting trip and cover all the gear they plan to take on this trip and include the core gear they have on hand for every trip into the backcountry.

Spartan Precision Equipment

Spartan Precision Equipment

Lighter, Tougher, Stronger

Built using only the very best materials available, our products represents a major leap forward for Rifle support systems. Using Rare Earth magnets, the systems are fitted to the rifle in seconds, which enables the shooter to follow live targets and stay level on uneven ground. This is a serious game changer for the hunters that value accuracy and success. Weighing less than traditional solutions, you have to ask yourself, why you would not have one!

John Dudley

FOC with John Dudley

Hours can be spent discussing FOC and arrow tuning, thankfully John Dudley joins the podcat and goes into great detail about tuning arrows, proper equipment, and how to improve accuracy.