August 2018

kevin underwood Ultralight Backpacking

Ultralight Backpacking

If you are having any trouble finding the right information on gear to pack for this seasons hunt, give this episode with Kevin Underwood a listen.  Learn from two people who spend most of their time outdoors and have refined their gear list based on experience, not opinion.

John Dudley

John Dudley Returns

John Dudley returns to the podcast to discuss his latest Total Archery Challenge experience, including his arrow setup.  Also included is everybody’s favorite topic…FOC!

Calvin Halladay

Calvin Halladay

Calvin Halladay, one of the owners at Sheep Mountain Outfitters, and Aron Snyder discuss the outdoor industry in todays social media world, how to watch out for misinformation from instafamous hunters, and then go into thier personal experence regarding what makes a great optic, along with their glassing techniques in the field.

Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman and Aron Snyder discus how uncomfortable hunting can be, the basic skills everyone going into the backcountry should know, plus some good hunting stories including that one-time Aron asked Frank if his farts burn…epic.

Hunt Season Q&A

Hunting Season Q&A

Thinking about backpacking in this hunting season?  Aron answers listener questions regarding where to camp, what to bring, and how to stay in touch.

Guide Ryan Harder

Ryan Harder

Guide Ryan Harder joins Aron on the podcast.  Ryan has been a guide for thirteen years and has been running his own outfit Hunt Harder Guide Services for the last six years.

Elkcall 2

Elk Calling Part 2

Wildlife biologist Chris Roe owner of Roe Hunting Resources offers science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication on part two of our Elk calling series.