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Pack Volume: Cubic Inches Volume: Liters Weight: Average (Lbs) Weight: Average (Kgs) Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth Description Price
Kifaru International Escape and Evade (785ci - 12.8Liters) Diagonal Photo of Multicam Color
Escape and Evade
895 14.7 1.75 0.79 9.5″ / 24cm x 14.5″ / 36.8cm x 4″ / 10.6cm A dedicated E&E pack, the Kifaru E&E Back Pouch works decidedly well as either:

– A Daypack
– A Pouch on any PALS equipped vest or ruck.
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Kifaru International Door Gunner 1000ci - 16.38L Diagonal Photo of Ranger Green - Coyote Brown Color
Door Gunner
1,040 17.04 2.5 1.13 10″ / 25cm x 21″ / 53cm x 8″ / 20cm A load bearing hydration pack meant to mesh behind the wearer and still hold a decent amount of gear, the Door Gunner is a streamlined pack that won’t hold you back. Click here for Pricing
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
1,120 19 3.4 1.54 27″ / 68cm w x 19″ / 48cm h x 11″ / 28cm Designed as a truly functional day pack with full seven day expedition capabilities and endless options in between. Click here for Pricing
Kifaru International Bane (1350ci - 22 L) Diagonal Photo of Ranger Green Color
1,100 18 1.95 0.88 10″ / 25cm w x 19.5″h / 49.5cm x 8″ / 20cm the Bane is our answer to those who asked for a lid that can be used as a final approach pack as well. If you’ve ever been pinned down in the middle of a stalk, you know that having water, rain gear, survival gear and food can be a lifesaver. Click here for Pricing
Kifaru International Urban Ruck (1,400ci - 22.9L - 1,700ci - 27.8L) Diagonal Photo of Ranger Green Color Pack with Top Strapped
Urban Ruck
1580 total – 1350 main, 230 lid overload 25.9 2.15 0.98 11.5″ / 29cm x 18″ / 45.7cm x 6.5″ / 16.5cm A rucksack style bag, the Urban Ruck keeps things simple and straight forward. Click here for Pricing
Kifaru International Antero(1,500ci - 24.5Liters) Diagonal Photo of Ranger Green Color
1475 total – 1465 main, 10 top pocket 24.5 3.25 1.47 10″ / 25cm x 19″ / 48cm x 6″ / 15cm The Antero is the second pack in our EDC line designed with the commuter / daypack user in mind. The slim profile keeps the 1500 cubic inches (24.5L) close to the wearer so it’s easier to get in and out of cars, busses, through tight trails and fit under desks. Click here for Pricing
Stryker XL CB
Stryker XL
1,900 31.1 2.85 1.29 11″ / 28cm x 21″ / 53cm x 8″ / 20 cm The Kifaru Stryker XL expands from the original Stryker, the XL has more internal capacity as well as a longer sling to hold larger loads. Click here for Pricing
1,700 27.9 3.55 1.61 11.5″ / 29cm x 20″ / 50.8cm x 6.5″ / 16.5cm The Checkpoint is a panel loader that is at home in airports, on your commute or hiking a day’s gear up into the hills. Click here for Pricing

1800 total – 1620 main, 180 lid 29.5 4.1 1.86 14″ / 35.5cm x 19″ / 48cm x 7″ / 15cm A versatile daypack small enough for EDC, yet can be used as an assault pack or even a Two-Day pack with the addition of pockets or Pods. Click here for Pricing
Kifaru International Shape Charge (2,050 ci - 33.5 liters) Diagonal Photo of Coyote Brown Color
Shape Charge
1960 total – 1770 main, 190 lid 32.2 4 1.8 11″ / 27.9cm x 19.5″ / 49.5cm x 6″ / 15cm Internal frame sheet with 18” stays with EDC Omni belt capability gives this 2,050 cubic inch pack the ability to carry a good amount of gear without committing to a full framed duplex pack. Click here for Pricing
22 MAG Gen 2 (2,200ci-36 liter Bag Only) Diagonal Photo of Ranger Green Color
22 Mag Gen 2
2330 total – 2175 main, 155 lid 38.2 3.05 1.38 11.5″ / 29cm x 24″ / 61cm x 7.5″ / 19cm The redesigned 22MAG combines all the best features of the Shape Charge, into one flexible carry system specifically designed for our 22″ Duplex Frame allowing the pack to handle heavy loads with Kifaru’s legendary reputation for comfort. Click here for Pricing
2915 total – 2415 main, 500 lid 47.8 2.7 1.22 11.5″ / 29cm x x 29″ / 73.5cm x 9″ / 23cm Reckoning style front zipper with built in hydration sleeve. Can run beltless and with its 22″ stays it is carry on legal with most airlines. Click here for Pricing

Kifaru International 14'r (2,400ci - 39.3Liters) Diagonal Photo of Coyote Brown Color
2235 total – 2210 main, 45 lid 36.6 3.75 1.7 12″ / 30cm x 24″ / 61cm x 6″ / 15cm The Colorado Rocky Mountains have more 14,000 foot peaks than all the other states combined. Therefore, naming a pack that would be perfect for summiting these amazing peaks “the 14’r” seemed like a perfect fit.
The 14’r was designed with fast access and comfort while moving in mind. With a bag size of 2,400 cubic inches and a full length zipper down the front panel, there’s nothing you can’t get to within seconds. The suspension allows for much more freedom of movement when climbing, drawing a bow or sliding a rifle.
Whether you’re a hunter, backpacker, photographer or outdoor enthusiast, the 14’r offers just about everything you need, including the option of attaching our modular pockets if more space is required.
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Kifaru International Muskeg (Bag Only) Group Photo of All Bags placed together sideways
Muskeg 2,800
3190 total – 2790 main, 400 lid 52.3 2.3 1.04 10.5″ / 27cm x 24″ / 61cm x 7″ / 18cm Due to increasing requests for water proof backpacks we have developed the Muskeg Line. Kifaru utilizied a laminate fabric known as X-Pac that provides more waterproofness compared to the DWR treated 500d Cordura used in the rest of our line. The Muskeg packs are “do it all bags” that come in three different sizes. Click here for Pricing
357 Mag
357 Mag
3860 total – main 2690, pockets 480/side, 210 lid 63.3 3.7 1.68 12in / 30cm x 26in / 66cm x 8in / 20cm Based on the Kutthroat Suspension, the 357 Mag picks up where the other Magnum packs left off but at a lighter weight. Staying true to the 44 Mag’s lineage in a more compact form, Click here for Pricing
Camp Bag RG
Camp Bag
3540 @ 3rolls 58 1.2 0.55 46″ / 116.8 cm upper CIR 36″ / 91.4 cm lower CIR 34.5″ / 87.6 cm tall This 500d cordura rolltop bag will fit on any of our duplex frames and pairs well with the Stryker Cargo panel to make a versatile back country rig. Click here for Pricing
4520 total – 3080 main, 770 front main, 230 front pocket, 440 lid 74.1 3.25 1.47 12″ / 30 cm x 34″ / 86cm x 7″ / 18 cm depth Versatile top loader with built in Hydration sleeve and front pocket. Click here for Pricing
44 Mag (4,400 ci - 72 L Bag only) Diagonal Photo of Coyote Brown Color
44 Mag
4715 total – 3670 main, 340 lid, 355 ea side 77.3 3.7 1.68 11″ / 28 cm x 27″ / 68.5cm x 9.5″ / 24cm The 44 Mag is a combination of many of our packs over a few years of evolution. Our Duplex frame packs have traditionally been top loading drawstring style packs that can be closed using our lightweight lid tabs sewn into the snow collar or with a detachable / adjustable lid. The only pack that strayed from this in our recent history is the 22 Mag, a zippered panel loader with a sewn in lid pocket. Many requests to make the 22 Mag bigger and with better access have been on our plate for a while. Until the Shape Charge came around earlier this year, there wasn’t a clear way to accomplish the 22 Mag’s bigger brother. Click here for Pricing
Gnargali (4,800 ci - 85 L Bag only)
5090 total – 4420 main, 670 lid 83.4 2.8 1.27 16″ / 40 cm x 30″ / 76cm x 12″ / 30.5cm Smaller brother to the Dall, the Gnargali is meant to cut weight wherever possible. 500d Ranger Green / VX21S Xpac construction puts technical fabrics and abrasion resistance in key places on the bag. At 2.78lbs (1.26kg), this bag keeps things simple and quick. Click here for Pricing
5980 total – 5080 main, 450 each side 98 3.55 1.61 11″ / 28cm x 37″ / 94cm x 12.5″ / 32cm The Reckoning features some of the best designs from the Timberline, EMRII, and Argali. Changes and improvements were made and incorporated into this pack after rigorous field tests in the hunting and tactical realms. Click here for Pricing
6300 total – 4670 main, 440 each pocket, 750 lid 103.2 3.65 1.66 15″ / 38cm x 35″ / 89cm x 11″ / 28cm The Hoodlum offers dual zippered side pockets and main compartment access from both sides while keeping a customizable back panel that works with our Nomad Gunbearer system. Click here for Pricing
Cavern (6,500ci - 106L Bag only) Diagonal Front Photo of Ranger Green Color
6,500 106.5 3 1.36 15″ / 38cm x 38.5″ / 98cm x 11.5″ / 29cm The Crater and Cavern were designed with the backpack hunter, and guide in mind. Other than volume, both packs are identical in design. Click here for Pricing
Dall (6,800ci - 117L Bag only) Diagonal Front Photo
7080 total – 6080 main, 1000 lid 116 3.05 1.38 17.5″ / 44.5cm x 33″ / 84cm x 13″ / 33cm The Dall is the bigger brother of the Gnargalli pack coming in at 7500 cubic inches and 6800 cubic inches in lid mode. Made from 500d Ranger Green cordura and VX21S Coyote Brown Xpac, it has the same water resistance as our Muskeg series. Click here for Pricing
Kifaru International Fulcrum (29.5 Liters - 128 Liters Bag Only) Diagonal Photo
7,800 127.8 3.4 1.5 25″ / 63.5cmx 27″ / 68.5cm x 12″ / 30cm Functional, versatile and durable are just a few words that describe the Fulcrum, but here at Kifaru we just like to call it a kick ass Extended Mission Pack! The base design for the Fulcrum is very simple; deliver a pack with the ability to expand to 7,800+ ci, but also transform into a sleek and functional daypack when needed. Click here for Pricing
Ma Deuce (7,900 ci - 129 L) Bag Only - Diagonal Angle Photo
Ma Deuce
6340 total – 4960 main, 420 lid, 480 each pocket 103.9 4.15 1.88 15.5″ / 39cm x 28″ / 71cm x 12″ / 30cm Following its smaller caliber siblings, the 22 and 44 Mag is the Ma Deuce. Just like it’s namesake, the Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun, it is big enough to get any job done. It has the same features as the 44 Mag but almost a 1/3rd more capacity. Click here for Pricing
Kifaru International Crater (8,000ci - 131L Bag only) Diagonal Photo of Coyote Brown - Ranger Green Color
8,000 131.1 3.2 1.45 18″ / 46 x 39″ / 99cm x 12″ / 30cm The Crater and Cavern were designed with the backpack hunter, and guide in mind. Other than volume, both packs are identical in design, Click here for Pricing