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Announcement: Welcome Aron Snyder

Some of you probably know of noted gear tester and reviewer (and co-owner of the new Rokslide website) Aron Snyder. Aron’s writings and evaluations are highly regarded across the Net due in large part because they come from his hard core field testing. (Those of you who have followed my career know well that this is the only sort of testing I personally respect.) Aron has been a devotee and heavy user of Kifaru gear ever since his first Kifaru Pack review a couple of years ago. We have become friends. He has even contributed considerable design expertise to our Design Group–for example Aron was heavily involved from the very beginning with our Timberline packs and our new MegaTarp. 

And so it is time to make him an official Kifaruite, with compensation (instead of simply free access to testing gear). Aron will wear three hats–sales/marketing/R&D–for our Hunting Division. (This will be similar to the position ably occupied for ten years now by friend Mel Terkla in our tactical Division.) He will work mostly from home, and will continue with his obligations to Rokslide and various writing and reviewing if he wishes. And he will be able, and encouraged, to spend more time afield than ever! That is where Kifaru inspiration has always come from and Aron completely agrees. Expect his reviews to remain unbiased. He knows that if Kifaru’s top tier ranking is ever seriously challenged we will both know it and correct the situation immediately! That’s the mutual pledge we share. 

Welcome aboard Aron!

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