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Aron Snyder vs Luke Caudillo

Aron Snyder vs Luke Caudillo

Aron Snyder and Luke Caudillo engaged in a friendly competition at the American Bowman Club, near Bailey Colorado.  It was a battle between the Trad bow and Compound bow.  One of them ended up with a shaved head.

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Luke ‘Lil Hulk’ Caudillo

He was born and raised in the railroad town of North Platte, NE. Like a lot of rural Americans, Caudillo began hunting and fishing with his brothers, cousins, and friends at the age of ten.  After high school, Caudillo got involved in mix martial arts (MMA). “I was a wrestler my whole life, I missed the competition, and fighting looked fun to me,” says Caudillo.

Next thing you know fighting became his career. MMA was good to Caudillo, as he made it to the top level of the sport (UFC) and currently has made coaching a big part of his life.  Caudillo states, “It keeps me around the game…I want to give the younger athletes a chance to experience everything that I experienced.  It was just plain good for me, kept me out trouble, and gave me drive on a daily basis.”

He has enjoyed seeing his two joys come together, fighting and hunting.  Hunting has always been about family and friends to Caudillo, and now it’s about his teammates too.  Not to mention, Luke is excited to take his daughter Eva out into the outdoors!

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