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Backcountry Essential Series

Aron was growing weary of having his counter top littered with multiple supplements, so Kifaru teamed up with HighT to come up with a streamlined method of providing high quality, and often missing nutrients, vital for backcountry hunting.

Revival is the end result, and this podcast will give you insider knowledge into the development of Revival and information on more supplements to come in the near future.

In 2010 High T set out with one goal in mind and that was to offer safe effective lifestyle supplements. Almost 10 years later the goal remains the same.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, High T began its journey in the men’s health category by offering on of the of the bestselling testosterone boosters of all time! Quickly realizing that one size doesn’t fit all with testosterone, High T introduced one of the first multi faucet booster directly targeting testosterone, energy and metabolism, and blood flow. Success after success the brand evolved very quickly opening its very own manufacturing facility and innovating more products like HIGH T senior and one of the first women’s hormones balancers on the market.

Through the ups and down High T remains a trusted, innovated, and widely recognized brand around the world. But even sometimes good things need a shakeup. In 2019 High T supplements is going back to its core. All new leadership, marketing, and new products. High T has partnered with some of the industries best researchers and suppliers to introduce new offerings in testosterone, cognition, vison.

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