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Backpack Hunting With Kendall Card

Entrepreneur Kendall Card joins the podcast to discuss the rigor and joy of backpack hunting.  Kendall runs a multitude of companies including Black Ovus, Camo Fire, and Crispi USA.

About Kendall Card

I was born in Springville, Utah where I spent my childhood. When I was 12 my family moved to a suburb of Portland, Oregon named Tualatin where I “grew up”. Frequent trips to Mount Hood to ski, a crew of great friends and reggae concerts at the Pine Street Theater in Portland made for solid high school year memories.

After traveling solo in Europe for a summer followed by a 2 year mission for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I moved back to Utah for school at Brigham Young University where I could go to school spring, summer and fall and then quit school for the winters in order to ski.

Fortunately for me I met a girl who thought that was perfectly normal. We were quickly married and have been enjoying life together for 13 years and counting.

After graduating from BYU we moved back to Park City where I worked for The Canyons ski resort for 6 years as the Utah Sales Manager before jumping ship to where I managed grassroots and community marketing for nearly 3 years. I worked for a stint with Base Camp Communications as Director of Social Media

With my longtime friend Mark Strickland, we started in late 2008 and I am now working full time in my business, feeling blessed for the success we’ve seen and confident and optimistic for our future.

My outdoor passion is backcountry skiing, followed by climbing, road cycling, trail running and ski mountaineering. I’ve recently taken up archery hunting, an extension of my many years as a youth and teen hunting and fishing with my family.

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