Craig van arsdale

Craig Van Arsdale

Craig Van Ardsale joins the podcast to talk about his hunting trip in Kazakhstan, and the sacrifices he made to spend more time in the backcountry.

Harold Fahrenbrook

Harold Fahrenbrook

Harold Fahrenbrook rejoins the podcast to talk about his hunting adventures in Africa.  The conversation transitions to wildlife management, and an informative discussion on the future of hunting in Colorado.

Mike Duplan

Mike Duplan

Always a good time when Mike Duplan is in the Kifarucast studio.  Great conversation and great information on a multitude of subjects in this episode.

XLR Industries

XLR Industries

Frank recently used one of XLR’s chassis on an Elk hunt, and is joined by Matthew Means, National Sales And Marketing Director at XLR Industries LLC, to discuss how the chassis performed, and their latest offerings for 2020.

The Muscle Project

Aron Snyder Is F’d Up: Matthew Bernier To The Rescue

Matthew Bernier, Soft tissue expert and first-time hunter joins the podcast with Aron Snyder, longtime hunter, combating the toll years of intense backcountry adventures has taken.  Together they share expertise in their respective fields with the end goal to make Matthew a better hunter, and to help Aron find muscle relief and regain his full potential in the field.

Grant Gladson

Hunting Hippie: Grant Gladson

Grant Gladson, “guidling” at Midnight Sun Safaris out of Alaska, joins Aron Snyder on the podcast to discuss gear effectiveness hunting in Alaska vs. Colorado.

south cox mule deer

2018 Mule Deer Hunt: South Cox

South Cox joins the podcast to discuss his 2018 Mule Deer hunt [podbean resource="episode=cd3zz-9ace6e" type="audio-rectangle" height="100" skin="1" btn-skin="107" share="1" fonts="Tahoma" auto="0" download="1" rtl="0"]...

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