Orthotics with Scott VerBurg

Aron has put a lot of miles on his feet over the years, and subsequently suffers from foot pain.  Dr. Scott VerBurg, the man who helped relieve the pain joins the podcast and talks orthotics and boot choices.

British Columbia Bear Hunt

British Columbia Bear Hunt

Aron and Frank recount their British Columbia Bear hunt.  Aron makes sure he gets his fiber, and talks about notable gear used on the hunt, including arrow setup.  Also, Aron and Frank compare sizes… (bear sizes).


Aaron Neilson

Aaron Neilson, owner of Global Hunting Resources, and host of Trijicons World of Sports Afield, joins the podcast to talk about his big game hunts from around the world.

Yeti Dave

Yeti Dave

Dave Ziegman (Yeti Dave), research and development at Yeti Cycles and avid traditional bow hunter, joins Aron and Frank to recount their adventures shooting the 3d course at American Bowmen.  Topics discussed include bow setup, cut charts, and Franks inability to listen.

Paul Gustafson

Three Guys Talking

This episode with Paul Gustafson contains a wealth of knowledge on hunting seasons, building arrows, and archery hunting in general.

Arrow Setup

Arrow Setup

Aron and Frank talk about their arrow setup…or at least it sounds like they’re talking about arrow setup…sometimes the line blurs in this episode.

fixed blade broadheads

Fixed Blade Broadheads

Aron and Frank cover fixed blade broadheads in this episode.  Aron talks about his thorough field tests with multiple broadheads and goes off on a tangent describing how he scarred a couple Mormon missionaries for life.