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Cold Weather Gear with John Barklow

John barklow

John Barklow, Product Manager at Sitka Gear joins Aron Snyder to discuss cold weather gear from shelters to boots.

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Go for a short walk, and you’ll know if your gear fits. You might notice the stretch, the lightness, the breathability, the warmth. But you won’t really know if it can keep you alive.  You could take your clothing maker’s word for it. But if you’re a Navy SEAL operating in frigid conditions where leaving early isn’t an option, and holding your position is mission critical, you have to know exactly what your gear can handle. You have to test for yourself how it will perform in the worst possible conditions.  And that’s why Sitka Big Game Product Manager John Barklow and his fellow Naval instructors came up with the Rewarming Drill.  John was 19 when he enlisted and formally trained as a Navy diver. He built up some experience climbing and mountaineering in his off time, and took stations in the Philippines, the southern U.S., and California. After 9/11 he ended up in Kodiak, Alaska, where he used his experience to teach SEALs how to survive like mountaineers.






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