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Bowhunters Association

Like many businesses, the pandemic has negatively impacted many local hunting and outdoor associations.  Colorado Bowhunters Association depends on local support.  One of the board members, Henry Ferguson, joins the podcast to discuss what Colorado Bowhunters Association does for hunters in the state.

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Our Mission
The Colorado Bowhunters Association proudly accepts the mission:

to encourage and perpetuate the sport of bowhunting for all legal game;
to protect, improve and increase the opportunities for hunting with the hand held, hand drawn bow;
to cooperate with and support federal and state agencies, sportsmen’s associations, and conservation organizations, which are insuring the propagation and preservation of game and its habitat;
to encourage and conduct educational programs designed to acquaint the public and the archer with the safe and ethical use of the bow for hunting and bowhunting as an effective method of hunting legal game;
to foster unity and perpetuate the spirit of good fellowship among bowhunters; and
to develop and advocate specific policies that support and help fulfill the Mission.

What We Do at Colorado Bowhunters Association
Since 1969 the Colorado Bowhunters Association:

Is a state bowhunting association comprised of dedicated, ethical bowhunters
Is the only recognized voice for bowhunting in Colorado
Is recognized by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Wildlife Commission and the state legislature
Is an organization who preserves your hunting seasons and negotiates season structures and license/permit numbers
Hired a lobbyist to keep a watchful eye on issues at the Colorado capitol
Created the concept of the “Network” to oppose animal rights and anti-hunting elements in Colorado
Promotes bowhunter education for all bowhunters
Provides a wealth of information and bowhunting insurance through membership dues
Provides six information packed “Colorado Bowhunter” news magazines per year to members
Sponsors pro-bowhunting Channel 12 programming in Denver
Participates in the Colorado Division of Wildlife Landowner Recognition Program
Is actively pursuing a state constitution giving sportsmen the right to hunt and fish

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