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Elk Calling Part 2

Wildlife biologist Chris Roe owner of Roe Hunting Resources offers science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication on part two of our Elk calling series.


From my childhood and youth in the dairy country of Upstate New York, I developed a fascination with, and a passion for, animal behavior and the manner in which certain behaviors affect the outcomes of hunter/animal interactions. As my level of learning and understanding of animal behavior grew, so did my hunting success.

Elk calling and hunting seminars with Primos Hunting CallsThat success, in part, helped me land a position with Primos® Hunting Calls as one of their ProStaffers. As I began to give calling and hunting seminars across Colorado, SE Wyoming, and northern New Mexico, the truly unique material that I taught, how I taught it, and the success of my “students,” others came, hungry for the type and level of education I provided.

Between 1999 and 2003, demand for my seminars increased to the point where—in the months preceding turkey and elk seasons—I was speaking to a different group of hunters nearly every weekend, and even on some weeknights.

Because others across the country were starting to put out hunting-related educational material on CDs and in various video formats, the pressure built for me to do the same. While I did record some material for private distribution, I held off on producing material for the public at large, not only because of increased demands on my time as a wildlife consultant, but also because I just was never satisfied with the production quality, or the professional appearance, of what could be produced economically.

While my material was circulated around the country (with its influence being seen in the educational resources provided by some of my competitors over the years), I put off producing my own video material until I had sufficient time to devote to the effort, and until the necessary technology became faster and more affordable. Moreover, while some hunters were asking for “portable” resources such as DVDs, others were asking for more in-depth educational opportunities. To satisfy the latter demand, in 2003, I started conducting three-day clinics, which focused on elk behavior, vocalizations, communication, and hunting strategies.Online hunting instructional videos

But demand continued to grow. People grew increasingly hungry for quality information, yet disappointed with much of what was available to them outside of actually attending one of my seminars or clinics. Between 2003 and 2008, demand grew to the point where, in 2009, I finally committed to start producing educational videos for the public-at-large. With today’s technology and internet streaming capabilities, there really was no reason why I COULDN’T provide what you all wanted: professional, science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication, that could be accessed through a high-quality, web-based, affordable format. Thus was born Roe Hunting Resources.

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