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Giveaway Q&A

For the first time ever in the history of Kifaru, we are giving away a one of a kind prototype pack that may or may not enter our production line up.  Eric Bender, our in house master designer, dreams up a plethora of pack designs, many of which go through several design refinements, and may or may not end up as a product for sale. To get your hands on one of his designs, simply leave a comment on iTunes. A winner will be picked at random from the comments on this episode.  Good luck to all! Also, Aron and Frank answer more questions from listeners. Frank admits he never watched the Walking Dead. (Shame)

Question: how to find Budget clothing. 00:01:56 – 00:07:17

Question: What Budget optics do you like? 00:07:17 – 00:11:00

Question: What bow sight do you use? 00:11:02 – 00:13:18

Question: Aron, what is your trad bow setup? 00:13:18 – 00:15:04

Question: Aron, what do you think about the Accubow? 00:15:06 – 00:16:42

Question: What supplements do you use?: 00:16:58 – 00:29:20

Question: Why haven’t you tried certain Broadheads? 00:29:20 – 00:32:12

Question: Aron, What headlamp should I buy? 00:32:20 – 00:35:32

Question: Do Steripens really work? 00:35:34 – 00:42:52

Question: Aron, what camera would you choose? 00:43:00 – 00:48:34

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