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Jeff Lander

Jeff Lander, owner of Primitive Outfitting, joins the podcast to discuss hunting opportunities in Canada once the borders open, the current political landscape and its affect on hunting, and anti hunting conglomerates buying hunting companies.

Primitive Outfitting offers quality bow and rifle hunts in British Columbia for trophy Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Moose, and Elk. Bowhunting is our specialty and our passion, thus will be offering primarily bow hunts for these animals.

Our area boasts some of the highest densities of grizzly, black bear, and moose in the province. Our BC operation is located in east central BC, straight west of Jasper National Park, between McBride and Prince George. The hunting area is 980 sq. miles of pristine mountains and valleys. Our attention to detail and hard work will make this hunt one you will not forget!

Our Alberta operation will continue to produce some of the best bowhunting for mule deer in North America. Shed antler hunting (whitetail and mule deer) will continue to be a popular early spring ritual, and again spots are limited.          

Whatever your dream hunt is, Primitive Outfitting is prepared to make it memorable, enjoyable, and successful.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Lander (outfitter)


Jeff Lander, originally from Washington State, moved to British Columbia in 1988 and resides in BC with his wife Lana. Jeff has bowhunted most of his life and decided in 1994 to pursue his passion with making it his job.

Jeff and his three daughters, Rachel, Kirsten and Lisse, have been living in Alberta since 1996 where he started outfitting whitetail deer, mule deer and waterfowl.

In 2005, Jeff acquired an outfitting concession in British Columbia to pursue his dream of guiding bowhunters to grizzlies, black bear and moose.

While Jeff prefers to hunt with traditional equipment, he primarily guides hunters who use compound bows, and occasional rifle hunters. Jeff’s hunting experience and easy going attitude will make your hunt enjoyable and one to remember.

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