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A Need Fulfilled

Patrick Smith has designed virtually everything we sell, and has been a pioneer in the outdoors industry since before most of our employees were born.  As a backcountry guide, he found the need to  fill the voids in the then rudimentary gear that was available...

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Solving Problems

A Little Kifaru History (Written in 1997) Patrick Smith As a foot soldier in the hunting fields, I've been carrying store-bought "hunting packs" for over 40 years. Not liking what was available to purchase, I started making my own. The first problem I had to solve when...

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Flexible Hunting

by Patrick Smith (written in 1997) Long Hunter I like things flexible. Versatile. Like my choice of rifles: keep them light and give them enough caliber to handle any situation you might encounter in the area you're in. And so on, with all one's hunting gear. When...

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The Muscle Project

Aron Snyder Is F’d Up: Matthew Bernier To The Rescue

Matthew Bernier, Soft tissue expert and first-time hunter joins the podcast with Aron Snyder, longtime hunter, combating the toll years of intense backcountry adventures has taken.  Together they share expertise in their respective fields with the end goal to make Matthew a better hunter, and to help Aron find muscle relief and regain his full potential in the field.

Grant Gladson

Hunting Hippie: Grant Gladson

Grant Gladson, “guidling” at Midnight Sun Safaris out of Alaska, joins Aron Snyder on the podcast to discuss gear effectiveness hunting in Alaska vs. Colorado.

south cox mule deer

2018 Mule Deer Hunt: South Cox

South Cox joins the podcast to discuss his 2018 Mule Deer hunt [podbean resource="episode=cd3zz-9ace6e" type="audio-rectangle" height="100" skin="1" btn-skin="107" share="1" fonts="Tahoma" auto="0" download="1" rtl="0"]...

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