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Jon Pynch

Jon Pynch

Precision rifle shooter Jon Pynch talks rifles and the dedication it takes to fine tune competition rifles. Also discussed are, scopes, bullets, Hunting attitude,
and Aron’s hanger issues.

Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel, contributing writer to Outdoor Life, and creator of Points North Facebook page, joins the podcast.  Aron and Tyler talk Trad bow vs. compound bow hunting, camo choices, Tylers bow setup and go to gear.


Luke Caudillo

Luke Caudillo

Aron and Frank talk with Luke Caudillo, host of Gladiators Unleashed, about how he manages his two joys in life, fighting and hunting.
Also in this episode, Frank talks about his curious love affair with spam, why not to drink, and how not to take a shoe to the eye.

Not Fit

Not Fit to Hunt

Henry Ferguson, creator of Not Fit to Hunt, joins the podcast and talks bows, bow set up, animal stalking, accuracy,  and how he has fit friends (not that there is anything wrong with that)

train tracks

Common law

On this episode, Aron gets personal and explains what has happened in his life this past year and the pitfalls of common law marriage in Colorado.

drummond lindsey

Drummond Lindsey

Longtime hunting guide, Drummond Lindsey, joins Aron and Frank on Kifarucast, and discusses how blessed he is for being able to guide families in Mexico for so long.  Aron and Drummond also discuss hunting fitness…sadly, Aron informs Drummond he is too short for his weight.

Not Jame's Goat

Hunting stories with James Petker

James Petker, avid hunter and record  Mountain Goat holder in Washington State is called out of the blue from Aron and put on the spot for hunting stories.  Aron and James also talk about how important it is to stay mentally active when in the...

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Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

In this episode Aron interviews Patrick Smith, the founder and designer of Moutainsmith and Kifaru. Patrick discusses his design philosophy on how he developed a rugged mountaineering pack system for the hunting world. Patrick also discusses how he developed a pack-able stove for truly sustainable hunting...

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Shot Placement

Shot placement

Aron discusses his experience with shot placement, animal anatomy, blood trailing, and how long to wait after the shot before harvesting an animal.

Prototype pack

Giveaway Q&A

For the first time ever in the history of Kifaru, we are giving away a one of a kind prototype pack that may or may not enter our production line up.  Eric Bender, our in house master designer, dreams up a plethora of pack designs,...

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