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Back Country Water Purification

Back Country Water Purification

Aron covers the topic of back country water purification using filters, tabs, straws, and Steripens.  The pros and cons of each are covered, and why he uses what he does after extensive field testing.

Isaac Aleman

Spam Strikes Again

Isaac Aleman, Sales Coordinator with Easton Technical Products, joins the podcast today and discusses, F.O.C, arrows, and broad heads.  Also, Frank and Isaac talk about hunting the Wasatch Range, how Spam was more important than the hunt, and how social media has created armchair experts.


Buy once cry once

Aron and Frank talk about tripods and heads for glassing and photography.  The elusive perfect combo is still out of reach.

Kifaru cast

“The Best”

Frank rejoins Aron after a successful hunt in the Wasatch Range.  On this episode Frank and Aron discuss folks opinions about the best gear and how it might not be the best for you.

meal prep

Meal prep

Aron talks about what works for him in regards to back country meal prep.  From store bought food to dehydrated food, Aron covers caloric intake, healthy fats, and keeping regular.  Nope, no

spam this episode, Frank is in the field.

Budget Gear

Buying gear on a budget

Aron quickly covers how to find gear when you’re on a budget.

Gear covered this episode:

clothing, bows, boots, headlamps, stoves, sleeping bags, shelters, sleeping pads, optics, packs

Jon Pynch

Jon Pynch

Precision rifle shooter Jon Pynch talks rifles and the dedication it takes to fine tune competition rifles. Also discussed are, scopes, bullets, Hunting attitude,
and Aron’s hanger issues.

Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel, contributing writer to Outdoor Life, and creator of Points North Facebook page, joins the podcast.  Aron and Tyler talk Trad bow vs. compound bow hunting, camo choices, Tylers bow setup and go to gear.