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Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

Leo joins the podcast and lends his knowledge and perspective of the hunting world gained from 34 years as a Fish and Game Warden.

brian call


The Bromance is alive and well.  Brian Call joins the podcast to discuss the use of new technology in the hunting world.

Luke Caudillo Santino Castellanos


Luke Caudillo and Santino Castellanos join the podcast to discuss the importance of fieldcraft with Aron and Frank.  The new Garmin sight is the point of contention, technology can augment shooting skills, but should never replace tried and true fieldcraft.

Henry Ferguson

Trad Life is the Plaid Life

Henry Ferguson joins the podcast again…when you carry your bow for your senior picture, you must be serious about Archery.  The fellas meant to talk about gear that stands the test of time but end up talking about stiff shafts, gluten free tacos, and plaid shirts.

Alabama Recurve Hunt

Alabama Recurve Hunt

“Ya gotta shoot them Does!”  Aron and Frank recount their hunting and dining experiences in the great state of Alabama.


aaron hitchins

Aaron Hitchins – Rockhouse Motion

Aaron Hitchins with Rockhouse Motion joins the podcast to try and help Aaron Snyder not be a dick.


Aaron Hitchins (Excerpt from Rockhouse Motion)

Aaron is our token foreign guy, hailing from the distant and mysterious land that most people call Canada. Whether it was the long, cold, isolated winters in the North, or just a byproduct of his Business School Education, Aaron has a rather overactive imagination. While in most avenues of life that would serve as a distraction, Aaron’s bountiful creativity meshes with his corporate vision to create the fire in which brands are forged at Rockhouse.


Optics Review Part 1

In this episode Aron discusses the performance of $1,000 optics in various situations, including low light, clarity, durability, and manufacturers warranty.

Phil Mendoza_2

Socked In

Phil Mendoza, owner at No Limits Archery, and creator of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge, re-joins the podcast and recounts harrowing weather conditions with Aron and Frank while sheep hunting.  Apologies to the fine folks in Australia and New Zealand…just wait for it.

Phil Mendoza

Phil Mendoza: No Limits Archery

Phil Mendoza, owner at No Limits Archery, and creator of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge, joins the podcast and discusses his teaching philosophy with Aron and Frank.  This one is all about compound bows.

Trad bow round 2

Traditional Archery Round 2

Aron talks about his return to traditional archery, getting aggressive with his middle finger, upcoming hunts, new gear from Kifaru, and upcoming gear reviews.