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Frank tree stand

Alabama Whitetail

Aron and Frank recap their hunting experience in Alabama.  Frank discusses his first experience hunting from a tree stand, and hunting Whitetails in general.  They both discuss how their gear performed in the cold weather and what changes they would make to prepare for the next hunt in Alabama.

Bear Ban

Bear Ban

On this episode Frank and Aron talk about the total Bear ban in BC, and the repercussions the ban will have on the hunting community, revenue lost for wildlife management, and the overall health of animal populations in general.

Brian Call

Gritty Bowmen Invades Kifarucast

Aron, Brian Call, and sometimes Frank, talk for days on this episode.  Brian and Aron review their hunts this season from Texas to BC, and also talk about workouts and nutrition in the off season.  Aron and Frank gush about Amy, who spoils them with culinary delights, and Aron politely educates his community regarding bears.  The only reason this podcast ends is because everyone needed to pee.



Aron talks about his supplement usage over the years…he’s tried it all, whether legal or a bit less than legal.  Aron provides info on the most beneficial supplements to take for overall health, and delves into not so kid friendly stories about what happens when you abuse supplements.

Kifaru cast


Love them or hate them Tanner Coulter and Kyle Brockman run a humorous Instagram page holding hunters accountable.  They talk with Aron and Frank about keeping respect for the animals above the social media game.

Follow them down the rabbit hole: @T_S_.D

Back Country Water Purification

Back Country Water Purification

Aron covers the topic of back country water purification using filters, tabs, straws, and Steripens.  The pros and cons of each are covered, and why he uses what he does after extensive field testing.