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Know Your Limits With Levi Morgan

World champion Levi Morgan joins the podcast to discuss his latest tournament season, his tournament and hunting bow setup, and the importance of knowing how to tune your bow.

About levi Morgan

I grew up in the small town of Rosman, NC. One red light kind of town and if you didn’t like to hunt or fish there just wasn’t much to do. Maybe that’s the reason I grew to love archery so much at a young age. My dad was a big bowhunter so naturally I would shoot and spend time outdoors with him. He started taking me to local club shoots when I was 5 years old, and I won pretty much all of them.

From there he noticed something in me I guess and he took me to my first world shoot when I was only 6. I took first runner up in my age division. I was in love with competition and the bow and arrow. I continued on through my youth competing in ASA and IBO events and winning most that I entered. Bowhunting was also a huge part of my life and as I got older I grew to love it more than the competition. Through high school I quit competing and I focused on other sports. I loved basketball and baseball but in my heart I always knew what I was gonna do. My senior year I had full rides in both sports but turned them down to pursue my real passion…..Archery and Bowhunting.

Looking back its a little scary how as an 18 year old kid I threw scholarships away to chase an archery career. 2006 was my first year as a pro I was very successful but didn’t get a single win. Maybe because I spent the entire year trying to win the heart of a girl named Samantha Kline, now my wife. I did win rookie of the year that year and in 2007 I got my first professional win. I went on to win Shooter of the Year that year as well as the ASA World Championship. I have now won Shooter of the year 10 years in a row and several more World titles. Samantha and I also started a outdoor television show in 2008 and now that is a huge part of our lives. That show is now called “Bow Life” which really describes our past, present, and hopefully future. We have a 4year old son named Landon who is our world and I cant wait for him to start his own journey in the outdoors with mom and dad tagging along! God has been so good to our little family and we owe all of our success to HIM.

(excerpt from bowlife)

Ten-time Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan, returns to Mathews’ Pro Staff more confident than ever.

“When you’re competing at this level, consistency is everything. I need to go into every tournament knowing my bow will hold its tune.” says Morgan. “That’s what I had with Mathews for 15 years. They make the best-tuning, most accurate bows in the world.”

Born and raised in Rosman, North Carolina, Morgan began competing in archery tournaments at age six. Since first signing with Mathews at age 18, he has become one of the most decorated archers of all-time. His long list of accomplishments includes 8 World Championships, 40 National Championships, 10 Shooter of the Year, 3 Triple Crowns, and 10 World Records.

“I was super impressed with Mathews’ new target bows,” says Morgan, “I shot perfect scores on my first three rounds shooting the new TRX, which has made me more confident than ever going into this season.”

Morgan, and his wife Samantha, return to Mathews’ dominant Pro Staff just one month after 5-time World Cup Champion, Jesse Broadwater, also joined the team shooting the new TRX. “Levi Morgan is the best 3D shooter of this century and we’re excited to have him back,” says Mathews Pro Staff Manager, Derek Phillips. “I think it speaks volumes to what we have created for our new target line. It’s catching a lot of attention from the best competitors in target archery.”

(excerpt from Mathews Archery)

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