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Mountain Primal Meat Co.

Confidence is high you’ll be hungry after this episode!

Mountain Primal Meat Co.

Our ranch did not start out with a desire to make money selling meat and provisions.  It wasn’t even a dream when we purchased the land.  We had one thought:  “Let’s build something out of this.”  From that simple foundational idea we went from growing hay, to purchasing our first head of cattle, to finally developing the operation into a sustainable beef enterprise focused on quality and our animals’ wellness.

We believe that we should continue our journey by not only pushing ourselves, but those we serve, towards personal greatness, whatever that looks like to the individual.  We serve our employees and work to help them grow, learn, and become leaders so they can raise their families and pursue their goals with enthusiasm earned from their accomplishments at our company.  We serve the organizations and people we sponsor by involving ourselves in their program in a way that ensures their continued success and growth while educating ourselves with lessons learned from their various pursuits. 

Finally, we serve our customers.  We want you to be inspired to blaze your own trail in life.  By eating the food we bring to market and wearing the clothes we design, we want you to feel connected to an overarching theme that is gaining traction here in the United States.  You may already feel it.  It’s that desire to put down the soul-sucking electronic distractions in our lives, peer out into the world we live in, and make something out of our thoughts, grit, and know-how. 

You have but one chance to shape this world, shouldn’t you leave your mark alongside your fellow modern pioneers?

We believe you should.

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