Kifaru International

Q&A session #1

In this episode Aron and Frank answer questions ranging from boots to backpack stoves, as well as Mule deer tips and tactics to increase your chance of a successful hunt.


Below are all the questions asked in this episode along with the corresponding time code.

Question – Aron, Why are you using a stiff boot as opposed to a softer boot? Timestamp 00:01:25 – 00:12:10

Question – What socks do you wear? Timestamp 00:12:10 – 00:14:50

Question – Aron, why do you shoot such a heavy arrow? Timestamp 00:14:50 – 00:23:30

Question – What broadheads do you use? Timestamp 00:23:30 – 00:31:55

Question – Aron, why did you switch from First lite to Sitka?  Timestamp 00:31:55 – 00:38:25

Question – Frank, what call do you use while predator hunting? Timestamp 00:39:10 – 00:44:50

Question – What fishing reel and rod do you use for backpack fishing? Timestamp 00:45:00 – 00:50:05

Question – Aron, how long have you been a photographer? Timestamp 00:50:05 – 00:57:25

Question – Aron, What backpacking stove do you use? Timestamp 00:57:30 – 01:00:15

Question – Aron, Frank – I Need advice on a mule deer hunt. Timestamp 01:00:25 – 01:07:45

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