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Aron used to spend hours at the office fletching arrows, even while recording podcasts, much to this editors chagrin.  A better solution presented itself with the fine folks at Shield Wall Archery and Supply.  Give this episode a listen, find out how to get out of the “office,” and spend more time on the range.

An archery shop with the archer in mind
Shield Wall Archery & Supply started as a space for us and our hunting buddies to get together to work on our bows, and prepare for upcoming hunts. Once we built it though, we realized we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We wanted to provide the level of service, and attention to detail that only a true archery nerd could provide.

With today’s modern archery equipment and all of the information available online the level of competition has never been higher on the tournament field or in the woods. Gone are the days when good enough was good enough. Today we have precision components and advanced technology in every part of archery, but people still just glue arrows together. That’s where we come in. Building the best arrows takes time, equipment, and an attention to detail that the average pro shop can’t provide. We specialize in building you your perfect arrow so you can spend your time doing what you love; shooting your bow.

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