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Belt Pouch Xpac


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Belt Pouch Xpac

Keep all that small stuff right at your fingertips with these waterproof Belt Pouches.  Ambidextrous, with dual sliders, these pouches can be mounted on either side of your pack belt.  Designed specifically for one-handed use as well as outstanding access due to the flip-top opening.  Waterproof zippers can be operated with one hand very smoothly.  Our unique mounting system ensures they have a sewn-down feel for stability, no matter how heavy the contents.

Material: Single layer Xpac Waterproof Fabric.
Mounts to: Any Kifaru waistbelt or any Kifaru pack with PALS webbing or PALS Matrix.

Weight: 2.5oz.
Volume: 143ci / 2L
Dimensions: 8in / 20cm w x 4in / 10cm h x 1.5in / 3.8 d

Weight: 3oz.
Volume: 215ci / 3.5L
Dimensions: 9in / 22cm w x 6in / 15cm h x 2in / 5cm d

Weight: 3.5oz.
Volume: 287ci / 4.7L
Dimensions: 9in / 22cm w x 7.5in / 19cm h x 2.5in / 6cm d


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  1. SR

    I purchased three of these pouches and configured my muskeg bag with them as pictured and have a couple pieces of advice/ suggestions after testing them in extreme Alaska conditions from our rain forests to mountains. First, the material the pouches are constructed of is both tough and waterproof holding up to the abuse of Alaska. The only flaw is in the zipper designs. If you expect to be in rain or wet forest areas I highly suggest you not use these pouches. The one I used on the top or as a lid pouch resulted in all contents being quite damp within a matter of hours. The interior of the pockets I placed on the front of the pack remained dry a little bit longer, however, they too ultimately became wet. I believe this is a result of the dual zippers not offering a waterproof seal where they meet. I suggest that Kifaru put some sort of “ear” or “tab” cover on one side or the other to allow water to run off the pouch as apposed to seeping into the pocket. Additionally as convenient as a dual zipper is having a single zip would reduce the area water can get into the pouch. I love the idea of these pockets and believe that with a couple modifications they would be a five star product.

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