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Gun Bearer Replacement Parts


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GunBearer Replacement Parts

Find replacement GunBearer parts here. For the complete GunBearer system please visit this Gun Bearers.

6 reviews for Gun Bearer Replacement Parts

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  1. Darius

    Ordered just the upper strap and it fit perfectly on my non-Kifaru pack. The Gun Bearer is the best implementation of the front carry system I have found. Works great when you need to have quick access to your rifle and gives you hands-free hunting.

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  2. Mike

    Tried it out on a 6 day elk hunt. And some day hunts for deer. The system is phenomenal. The best way to carry a rifle. Immediate access to the weapon when you need it and hands-free carrying while climbing, negotiating trees and deadfall or even on a mountain bike. I will be getting them for all my hunting packs.

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  3. Anonymous

    So glad replacement parts are available. I needed several Gunbearer straps (the ones for securing rifle fore end to shoulder straps), and when I received them, I was pleasantly surprised to see they finally changed the design/length if the velcro securing system (shortened back to original design as it was way too long for some time), and actually increased the length of the “tag end” to enable faster and easier releasing of the rifle. Been using the Universal Gunbearer system for approx 15 years and will never go to anything else.

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  4. Robert Jeffrey

    Exactly what I needed to update my gun bearer for the new belts.

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  5. CB Newbill

    Top notch hardware. If you ever need to replace a worn part, these will make them good as new.

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