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Meat Bag


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Meat Bag

This One ounce wonder will handle 75lbs. of boned-out delectables. A big grab loop lets you hang it from a limb for storage or drainage. Developed to spread the weight vertically in your pack, instead of the typical bowling-ball-in-the-bottom that is so hard to carry. Narrow enough that you can carry camp gear around it in the same load. Washes easily and stows tiny for packing. Waterproof after seam sealing (not provided). You’ll notice we don’t have a fancy closure – just a simple cord that you tie off. Unlike cordlocks, we’ve found a nylon knot to be the strongest, most effective way to hold heavy weight, without slipping!

Dimensions: 9″ x 26″
Weight: 1oz.


27 reviews for Meat Bag

  1. Anonymous

    I finally had the opportunity to try out this super light weight meat bag. I had a boned out elk shoulder, both backstraps, and both tender loins in side this bag. We ran out of water before we got to quartering and boning out the meat so with that I had to hang this in a tree over night. While doing so I definitely didn’t have 75lbs in the bag and hanged it by the nice handle they have on it. I noticed the stitches started to separate where the handle and bag material came together. What I ended up doing was flipping the bag over and hanging it by the draw strings so I would t have all the weight bearing on the compromised stitches. I love the idea of this bag but I don’t think it’s nearly rated for what advertised. Maybe it was just this particular bag but regardless I’m a fan boy and I’m most likely to buy again.

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  2. TheGDog

    Got my first bow buck Muley 9-18-2017. It was a youngish “spork”. I probably had enough room for maybe one more back leg rump or roast to fit. I’d guess he was 140-150Lbs before deboning. This bags ability to hold the meat erect is great! Packing out before with a traditional GameBag was tricky/tough at best because it always wanted to sink down and turn into a blob in the bottom of the pack, which made the weight all ride low and exacerbated a lower back trauma to my Saccrum and Coccyx I have from an old Moto crash. I also found that dealing with this bag during the deboning was easier than fussing with a GameBag. And I very much liked that it kept dust off the meat many times better than the game bags do. I did still put the hide plus head into a Game Bag since I had only ordered one of these Meat Bags. But I did notice significantly less blood had dripped inside the pack. So I’m about to order a 2nd Meat Bag now to handle hide+head. Or if going for Bear and the bear is big enough I’ll do 2 Meat Bags and 1 GameBag to ensure I have enough receptacles to receive all thats harvested.

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  3. Robert Fuller

    Kept my pack clean but would like to see more sizes mainly larger.

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  4. Mike

    Love the bag! Works exactly as advertised. Extremely light and very durable! Made meat storage inside my pack much better than the old dry bags I used to use. Highly recommend for any hunter who bones out animals for packing out.

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  5. Anonymous

    Great product and durable! We had bears all around our camp and this allowed us to sleep at night knowing our food was all hung up in the woods!

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