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Net Holster


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Net Holster

Keeping your net high and dry until you need it, the Net Holster will keep your net up behind your back and out of the branches or dragging behind you. Made from 500d and 1/16″ HDPE, the net holster attaches to any belt pouch matrix on our packs (the 4 tabs flat sewn all over our gear). Made to go on the back of the Hydro Harness, this will keep your net up behind your torso and out of the way. The bottom of the Hydro Harness has a tab in the center for a retractor or magnet to keep the net retained. Heavier duty retractors recommended and get as long of a cord as you can find (over 36″ of cord is better). If you route the retractor through the net holster it should self-locate back into place. Coiled style retractors with magnets work very well and are harder to break but don’t help guide back into place. The net holster has many uses besides nets and will fit in multiple places on our gear.


Lace the top 3 bar sliders through the top of the BP matrix tabs with the plastic reinforced flaps facing each other. These flaps keep pressure on the center part and keep it open. Flip the net holster down and lace the bottom 3 bar sliders through the bottom tabs and you’re good to go.


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