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Hydro Harness


Hydro Harness

Made to pair with our Steelhead Chest rig, or any other 1” bino harness out there, the Hydro Harness is an adaptable hydration carrier that can serve many roles.  Made from 500d cordura and spacer mesh, this pack will counter act the weight of your chest rig and allow you to carry only the essentials in a sleek balanced setup.

On each shoulder strap you will find a pass through for your bladder hose that will allow you to pull the hose out of the pack for a drink and then push it back in to the sleeve to keep it out of your way. The main compartment is large enough to accommodate most 3L bladders with room left over. The bottom straps have built in elastic to help flex while breathing heavy and are field replaceable.

The bottom straps can also be attached to the angled tabs sewn into the bottom of the harness allowing the top and bottom straps to be connected to make a lightweight, stand-alone hydration carrier. On the shoulder straps and bottom of the pack, there are additional tabs for connecting the pack to your Duplex pack as a lid or in place of a Sherman pocket.

There is a central tab in the middle for connecting fishing net retention. The front of the pack has a sewn in zipper pocket with a key hook and a Belt pouch matrix that comes with bungie and a cord lock to quickly lash a layer to your pack. Our Small, Medium, or Large belt pouches will fit here, as will our 500d Organizer Pocket (our Mini belt pouch won’t fit on this matrix).

Each Hydro harness will come with Split-tail Side release buckles that will go on any 1” webbing and will work with most Admin style pockets, Molle and Pals compatible pouches and most bino harnesses out there to make your own rig.


Total Weight: .90lbs – 14.4oz / .41 Kg

Total Volume:  415 in³ / 6.8 L

Dimensions: 16” tall x 8” wide at bottom to 9.5” wide at top x 2.5” deep


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