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The Supertarp is truly a solo hunters “home away from home”, giving you enough floor space for any amount of gear.  The basic shelters are open at the front for 3 season use.

Best uses: Solo hunters wanting a bit more room, two persons going with the minimalist approach

Weight: canopy only – 17.6 oz.  (Includes 20 Groundhog stakes – 9.2 oz. )
Weight: Canopy with Annex – 24 oz. (Includes 23 Groundhog stakes – 10.6 oz.)
– Highly wind resistant (60 mph+) and water proof, regardless of configuration.
– Guy-out points to help add usable interior space
– Can be pitched as a flat tarp or shelter

– Flat Dimensions: 12′ 2″ long x 9′ 2″ wide front x 6′ 5″ wide back
– Pitched Dimensions:
– length: 11′ (13′ with annex)
– Front width: 68 in. Height: 52″
– Rear width: 56 in. Height: 26″

Pitching options:

– Ideally suited for use with available materials (tree branches, trekking poles,etc)
– Can be pitched with optional Peg and Pole kit
– Open front allows you to build a fire or use one of our stoves
– Overhead eave helps keep the drips out

Seam Sealing

Seam sealer is included, and sealing is done by the customer in order to save costs and expedite your shelter.
1. Pitch your shelter tight to allow sealer to penetrate and waterproof the stretched seams, stitch holes and thread.
2. Fabric should be clean and dry (this sealer claims to cure in wet or damp conditions). Use a paper cup, mix sealant and mineral spirit (paint thinner) until you have a slurry about the thickness of molasses. Using a 1/2″ inch paint brush, apply to all sewn areas, seams, bartacks and holes. *Do not place seam sealer on the zipper teeth. This will cause you problems down the road.
3. Curing: leave the tent pitched until the sealant is not tacky, the longer the better. Fully cures in 24 hours but dries tack free in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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  1. Jonathan (verified owner)

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    Solid shelter! Light weight and durable. Perfect solo palace!

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  2. Aaron Bryant

    My son and his girlfriend got to use this shelter while backpacking part of the Colorado trail and then camping at a lake for about 5 days. It had more than enough room for them both, gear included. They even had low to the ground cots inside once we got to the lake. My son absolutely loved it. Sets up super easy and fast. Would recommend as a solo shelter or double shelter under the right circumstances.

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  3. Mark Johnson

    The Kifaru supertarp has been my go-to shelter for four seasons. It is easy to pitch w tent stakes or rocks and is super spacious. It easily fits my sleeping bag, backpack and hunting bow with room to spare.

    I recently used it on my 14 day thru hike on the John Muir Trail in the Eastern Sierra’s. I was camped above treeline about half of the time.

    I’ve pitched it high for shade or tight to the ground to block wind/rain. It is very versatile. Ideally, I pitch the foot end tight to the ground facing leeward to the wind and then pitch the front high and slightly off the ground. This increases ventilation and headroom while decreasing condensation.

    The only inconvenience of the tarp for me was due to the large footprint. It can be tricky to pitch in timbered areas where space is a bit tight. After a while I learned to spot the perfect campsight and reduce the trial and error. For this reason I’ve been curious to try the Paratarp.

    The quality of materials and manufacturing are top notch and when I had a question Kifaru was very helpful.

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  4. Anonymous

    Over the past couple of weekends with the nice weather, I’ve been setting the ST up to seal the seams. The ST is huge by my standards…
    “How Big”, you ask…
    Put it this way:
    The Kifaru Super Tarp has more room under it, than any true outdoorsman or military active/veteran has the Right to Expect.

    “But is doesn’t have a floor”, you say…
    I don’t give a damn… This is practically a hotel suite, and that’s without an annex and stove.

    “But its really a solo shelter, its too cramped to fit 2 people and gear”, you say…
    With an annex and stove, I can understand that there needs to be a certain perimeter setup inside to keep your gear from melting against the stove, but given the sheer size of this thing, I’m quite certain that 2 determined guys with gear and a night’s worth of fuel can get along just fine (and safe) with a stove.

    As a point of interest, the Pole to Pole distance under the ST is 8ft.
    In theory, you can use the MSR Mesh House, or the Breeze Mesh Tent as a collapsible nest – giving you a floor. The only drawback is that the rear section of the ST needs to be pitched higher off the ground.
    With a mesh tent setup under the ST as a nest, you could then drape a space blanket over it (under the ST) to use as a heat reflector/vapor barrier. But all this needs to be figured out.

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  5. Trent

    It seemed like a lot of money for a tarp, but I found it to be well worth it. It takes up almost no room in your pack. I carry trekking poles for packing out meat and for use with this tarp, but sticks would also work fine. It has plenty of room for one person including gear spread out everywhere. As soon as I have a fall or spring season hunt planned, I plan on buying the awning and a stove. I love Kifaru stuff!

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