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12 Man Tipi


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12 Man Tipi

Great for large groups or as a cook or med tent at big events, this popular Tipi sleeps 12, but provides ample “living room” for about 6.


12 Man Tipi Specs

Recommended stoves: Medium through Arctic stove
*stove jack will not be cut unless purchased with a stove or specified in the comments, we will only cut the stove jack for the diameter of stove pipes that we offer ( 3.25, 3.5, 4, 6)
– Dual Stove Ports
Weight: 11 lbs 1 oz / 5kg, includes pole, pegs, Seam Sealer and bag.
Footprint: 20′ x 17′
Height: 10′ 6″ (at center pole)
Packed dimensions (two bags):
Bag #1 (contains canopy and pegs) 24″ x 9″
Bag #2 (contains poles only) 28″ x 5″

Seam Sealing

Seam sealer is included, and sealing is done by the customer in order to save costs and expedite your shelter.
1. Pitch your shelter tight to allow sealer to penetrate and waterproof the stretched seams, stitch holes and thread.
2. Fabric should be clean and dry (this sealer claims to cure in wet or damp conditions). Use a paper cup, mix sealant and mineral spirit (paint thinner) until you have a slurry about the thickness of molasses. Using a 1/2″ inch paint brush, apply to all sewn areas, seams, bartacks and holes.
3. Curing: leave the tent pitched until the sealant is not tacky, the longer the better. Fully cures in 24 hours but dries tack free in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

NO OPEN FIRES. Kifaru Tipis are designed to be used with a stove, and not open fires. Any use of an open fire inside a Tipi will void all warranties.
UV Rays: Any nylon structure will suffer from UV rays if allowed to remain erected for prolonged periods of time. We strongly recommend NOT using your Kifaru shelter as a permanent structure.
Snow Loads: These shelters are not cabins. Do not leave your Tipi unattended in snow country and keep snow knocked off. Warranty does NOT cover snow load damage.
Storage: The greatest harm to Tipi fabric is usually not from abuse or critters, it is improper storage. After your trip, make sure your Tipi is free of any moisture or organic materials – these can eat away at the fabric during storage. Air dry and store out of direct sunlight. Should you find mildew on your Shelter, simply remove spots with a bit of vinegar.
Washing: agitation of machine washing can damage the UV coatings on outdoor fabrics – sponge bathe with Woolite (no bleach). Hang to dry.

7 reviews for 12 Man Tipi

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  1. Bruce Foreman

    We have used our 12-man now for 18yrs, w/large stove, horse packing in WA, ID, MT, OR; conical design is bomb proof in the wind; get the liner if you winter camp a lot; easily holds 3-4 guys with all their hunting gear plus firewood; it is a “12-man tent” for going light backpackers only, but as someone else has said it’s a Hilton for 3-4. Love it.

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  2. Zach Campbell

    Have used it a couple of times this winter in freezing Temps. Stove makes it very comfortable. Would highly recommend it to others!

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  3. Calvin Halladay

    Been using my 12 man Tipi for years and we call it “The Hilton”. This thing is absolutely bomb proof and the perfect size. Between 3-4 guys, we split up the tipi, liner and stakes, center pole, and large box wood stove. Once we arrive at our destination we construct the Tipi and there is ample room for 4 guys, firewood and every bit of our gear. Below zero temperatures and we can sit on our beds wearing a t-shirt, I’ve had it in downpours and snowstorms dropping a foot overnight. This thing is bombproof! Buy the liner, do it right, and when you get home, let it dry before storing. I have no doubt it will serve me for many years to come.

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  4. Anonymous

    I used the Tipi for the first time on my moose hunt this fall.
    It took the directions, a phone call to Kifaru, a youtube video, and a couple of times setting it up to finally get it right. The tipi did great. They put some great stovepipe holes in the top. Overall I thought the tipi was pretty good. It realistically has space for three hunters and their gear. Any more than that and it would get real tight.
    The liner: what a joke. It served its purpose to stop the condensation from falling on us however it was very cumbersome to install. They should have used a clip or a snap of some sort. You have to tie the top and bottom in multiple spots which takes a long time. It was really poorly conceived. In fact, the thought of doing that again is a bit daunting. Something so simple could have been done so much better. For as expensive as this tent is surely they could have a better way to install the liner. The tipi gets four stars. The liner gets zero stars. I am going to call the company and request they change the liner attachment and maybe a refund on my liner.

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  5. Meade Dominick

    I am very impressed with the 12 man Tipi. It holds up to wind extremely well. I like the size for four guys and their gear. I am also impressed with the Large box stove. It works very well to heat up the Tipi. Both are great products that I would recommend to anyone. Meade Dominick/ Outfitter and Professional Guide WY BG-122

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