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Backcountry Sled

Haul heavier loads further, more safely and with less fatigue. Used extensively in snowy places worldwide since 1979, Kifaru Sleds* were the first American-built sleds and are still the benchmark. They’ve proven their mettle for hauling everything from cargo to kids and endured the torture tests of SAR teams, the Marines and major expeditions. Our design is a sled that goes where you go and won’t knock you off your feet – they pull smoothly, track reliably, turn and stop when you do.

– Heavy duty hardware to meet Mil Specs; 1,000 d Cordura cover (white)
– Require no tools
– Sturdy, lightweight and high performance
– Hull design is narrow for easy pulling in deep snow – just the right slope to the sides inhibit rollover and enhance flotation
– Great portability: throw them in a jeep, plane, chopper or strap on your back
– All components disassemble and stow away inside sled
– 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum runners ensure straight tracking
– “Nest” inside each other so multiple sleds can be stored or transported
– Lifetime warranty
– Padded, anatomical waistbelt with leg loops for superior comfort and guaranteed stability.
– Unique rigid trace system delivers ‘no-slop’ performance, solid turns and eliminates unwanted slippage; does not destabilize or push the puller around.


Armadillo Sled: 41″ hull
A short, compact sled that shrinks down into a size that can be thrown onto your back.

– High density polyethylene hull
– Can be carried on your backpack
– Includes shell, harness, poles, spare parts bag & cover
– Volume: 12,000 cubic inches / 197 liters

Backcountry use:
Great for smaller expedition/ weekend loads, ski touring with kids – a favorite of families or those with disabled older children.

Tactical use:
For smaller mission loads, but built to withstand the rigors of military use – like heavy loads and transportation bashing.

– Heavy duty yoke & traces
– 41″ white hull, white cover (1,000 d Cordura)
– 12 lbs. / 5.4 kg.


Expedition Sled: 53″ hull
A veteran of extensive adventures in Iceland, Antarctica, Baffin Island, Denali and Everest – every remote corner that has snow.

– High impact fiberglass hull
– Built for hauling massive amounts of winter gear
– 53″ hull, large enough to haul out casualties
– Includes shell, harness, poles, spare parts bag & cover
– Volume: 18,000 cubic inches / 295 liters

Backcountry use:
The workhorse of many a Nordic and Alpine ski center across North America.

Tactical use:
The choice of many a tactical unit for remote terrain.

– Heavy duty yoke & traces
– 53″ white hull, white cover (1,000 d Cordura)
– 15 lbs. / 6.8 kg


Your sled will come shipped with the following items:

– Sled hull with runners and yoke installed
– Harness System (hip belt, leg loops and poles)
– Cover
– 2 aluminum extension poles
– Spare parts bag (sewn inside the cover, inside the catch-all bag).


Loading your Sled
You’ll want the load low and slightly to the rear. This helps prevent rollovers, ensures good tracking and enhances flotation in powder.


Ski Technique

Flat terrain: shorten your stride, keep your hips tucked forward and stand erect so that your weight is squarely over the middle of your skis to maximize your skins or wax.

Uphill: if you use waxes, a softer wax may be needed when pulling a heavy sled. Extremely steep slopes can be overcome by rotating your body in the harness, putting your skis at a right angle to the sled – letting you side step up. Or use skins, which make sled pulling a breeze!

Downhill: skiing downhill with a loaded sled is considerably easier than with a loaded pack on your back. As the sled encounters irregularities in the snow, you may notice minor pulls and pushes. These are transmitted along the axis of your skis and therefor cannot upset your balance. For steeper downhill runs, lean back slightly with your knees bent to alleviate any “face planting”. Or use the telemark technique.



Troubleshooting: Our sleds are designed to be maintenance free. During transitional snow conditions, you may experience icing up of the harness connections or icing on the sled bottom. Teflon, silicon spray or even hard ski wax can be used on these areas (especially the runners).

Storage: Never store your sled in direct sunlight, as UV rays are harmful to all petroleum based products, and don’t store it in a bent or contorted position. Harness poles should be stored apart, not nested inside each other. Storing inside the sleds zipped-shut cover is perfect.

Extra hardware: Essential spare parts are stored in the small bag sewn inside the catch-all bag inside your sled cover.


Brake and Rudder: This combination provides extra control.
– Rudder: like those on watercraft, our rudder stabilizes the sled for better tracking – especially when traversing steep slopes. Blade depth is adjustable for snow depth.
– Rear Brake: a passive design includes two aluminum flaps that bite into the snow when the sled slips backwards but float freely when moving forward. A drawcord holds them out of the way when skiing on the flats or transporting.

Extra Puller Harnesses:
lets you add more pullers for extra heavy loads.

Shoulder Harness:
allows you to pull from the shoulders as well as the waist, or just from the shoulders for change of pace on long uphills.

Snowmobile Hitch:
great for getting large amounts of gear into camp or for rescue operations.

Kifaru Sleds are guaranteed for an unlimited period of time against defects in materials and workmanship. Should our sled ever fail to give you satisfaction due to defects in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace it at no charge. Problems associated with normal wear or abuse will incur a reasonable repair/replacement charge. Spare or replacement parts and other hardware are readily available from us at a reasonable cost

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  1. Sorell

    Used for a 4 day winter camping trip with temps below zero. It tracked straight, did not tip over, and required little effort to pull. This model is about 8″ shorter than my previous one, but holds the same amount of gear by being able to pack it a little higher. The large arctic wood stove and 12 person tipi tent, plus sleeping bag, and food all fit well. I was worried that the aluminum runners would ice up when crossing wet spots on lakes, but this did not happen.

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