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Backcountry Body Bag


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Backcountry Body Bag

The Kifaru Backcountry Body Bag is great as a stand alone sleeping bag or ground cloth. Our Apex insulation is continuous filament – so strong that no quilting is needed. Plus, it has a better “feel” and draping capabilities – no quilting, so there are no cold spots. Coupled with our water resistant RhinoSkin Shell, you get immediate warmth and protection. Best yet, the Body Bag is very compressible due to the state of the art materials used. Same great stuff we use in our center zip sleeping bags.

Construction: Our proprietary RhinoSkin™ – the lightest/toughest material available with an excellent DWR finish for water resistance, and the two tone color scheme provides more blending latitude.
Insulation: We use Apex insulation on the Backcountry Body Bag. Continuous filaments provide superior strength, moisture resistance, durability, thermal efficiency and excellent packing efficiency as compared to down or cut staple insulation.

Color: Coyote on one side, OD on the other (reversible)
Body Bag Weight: 2 lb 8 oz
Temp Rating: 25°
Dimensions Zipped: 35″ diameter opening x 24″ diameter foot box x 83″ tall
Dimensions Unzipped: 70″ wide open end x 83″ tall tapered to 48″ at the footbox
Insulation: uses 6 oz / square yard Apex insulation
– Fits inside a Medium 5 String Stuff Sack
– Built in stuff sack serves as a pillow
– Drawstring closure
– Can be fully unzipped
– Three zipper pulls to control venting
– Multiple tabs on the brown side for connecting your bag to your sleeping pad


Cleaning: machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent. front load machine only. no bleach. Tumble dry warm not to exceed 120°F store unstuffed.

Storage, long term: uncompressed
Short term: the built in stuff sack is just fine.


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  1. Backcountryshaffer

    Almost hit a home run here. I’d call this a 35 degree bag for me, if it hits freezing I get cold. I really like the simple design, ample foot box and I cinch just the top side to get it bunched up around my head. I’ve gone to bed wet multiple times and woke up dry, the materials are primo. I do, however, get very frustrated with the zipper snagging whilst trying to zip it up, and that knocks down the rating for me. I’d love to see a non-binding strip added around the zipper to keep the fabric from binding up.

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  2. Gerry S.

    This is an incredible piece to have in your arsenal. Everyone knows and loves the woobie! This is like a 3 in 1 do-a-lot, sleep system.

    1. Run as a standard zipped up sleeping bag, cinch down the opening around your shoulders, warm and cozy! The stuff sack pillow case works pretty legit like this.
    2. Run as a quilt, with it zipped part way and a foot box at the bottom. Note you will have to have the zippers on the bottom and not side, but I never noticed it to bother me when I was sleeping.
    3. Run as a standard blanket woobie, and lay it over top of you.

    Big fan of the Body Bag!

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