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Box Stoves (Stainless Steel)


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Box Stoves

Instant 4 season camping. Kifaru pioneered lightweight, collapsible stoves years ago as a practical, easy way to heat our shelters. They are still among the lightest, most compact backcountry wood stoves ever crafted – a great feature if you backpack, mush or use bush planes. This little furnace does double duty for both warmth and as a rangetop cookstove, and helps dry your gear. It heats our shelters in minutes, transforming your outing into a warm, relaxing, friendly environment.

One of our most significant designs are the pipes. A single steel pipe tube provides easy packing and less weight. Remarkably, a 9 foot pipe can roll down into a 2 X 14 tube.

– Requires no tools
– Completely collapsible for compact transport and easy assembly
– Stainless steel body, legs & pipes
– Adjustable height legs
– Can be carried inside your backpack
Fuel: anything organic

11 reviews for Box Stoves (Stainless Steel)

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  1. Bushman

    I’ve used this stove for many years on horse packing trips into the Rocky Mountains in partnership with my Kifaru tipis. A real lifesaver in snow conditions and the ability to dry clothes and gear out quickly is key to staying comfortable. I also used the tipi and stove on my trapline in sub-zero conditions and it did the job. Not a long burning stove but that’s to be expected for a pack stove. Two thumbs up

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  2. Remi

    I’m very happy with the stove i got. It works like a charm once it get going, which can take a while if one is inexperienced. Made a cold freezing day feel like pleasant summer evening inside the tent. Really nice stove.

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  3. Anonymous

    In reference to my prior review, I put sand in the bottom of my box stove which sealed the bottom corners, reducing the unregulated airflow into the stove. This reduced the burn rate drastically making it much more manageable. Looking foreword to getting out and trying it out again

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  4. Dedoubleu

    I love everything about the stove, except the fact that you cannot control the burn. It rages red hot like it were full of rocket fuel. A tighter door or a chimney damper would solve the problem. Also not crazy about the spark arrester system. Seems like an unsecured connection that could be a safety hazard.

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  5. Flatbow

    I have used the parastove with a paratipi), the small stove with a Black Diamond Megamid and a Double Bull Ground blind (both had stove jacks added), and a large stove with a Kifaru 8 Man Tipi. All stoves worked flawlessly under sometimes extreme conditions while being used in Manitoba. Stove setup would typically take about 5 minutes.
    I have used both the small stove/megamid and the large stove/8 man tipi set up in cold snaps during the December moose season with overnight low ambient temperatures being anywhere from – 25 F to -36 F and the windchill at -56 F. So long as I was tending the stove about every 25-30 minutes, I was able to be completely comfortable inside the shelters wearing just a base layer.
    The stove is not intended to keep the shelter warm overnight, but that is no big deal assuming you have a proper sleep system for the conditions you will encounter. Simply prepare your tinder and kindling for starting the stove before tucking in to your sleeping bag. In the morning just stick your arms out of your sleeping bag to load your tinder/kindling preparation in the stove, light it and hit the snooze button so you can doze off for a few more minutes while your shelter reheats.

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