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Smith Cylinder Stove


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Smith Cylinder Stove

Instant 4 season camping. Kifaru pioneered lightweight, collapsible stoves years ago as a practical, easy way to heat our shelters. They are still among the lightest, most compact backcountry wood stoves ever crafted – a great feature if you backpack, mush or use bush planes. This Ultralight furnace helps dry your gear, and heats our shelters in minutes, transforming your outing into a warm, relaxing, friendly environment.

One of our most significant designs are the pipes. A single titanium pipe tube provides easy packing and less weight. Remarkably, a 9 foot pipe can roll down into a 2 X 14 tube.

– Requires no tools
– Completely collapsible for compact transport and easy assembly
– Titanium body, legs & pipes, Stainless Steel front and rear plate.
– Can be carried inside your backpack
Fuel: anything organic

12″ only available for ParaTarp and SuperTarp.

24″ C x 12″ L Body 24″ C x 18″ L Body
14oz 16oz
w/ 48″
1lb 6.4oz 1lb 9oz
w/ 84″
1lb 11.2oz 1lb 13.8oz
Volume 550ci 800ci

(48″ pipe)


(48″ pipe)
(84″ pipe)

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  1. josh kepp

    Nice to have once you figure out the little tricks to make it work nicely!
    lessons learned the hard way for me,
    1. Have tinder on hand for when it burns out completely in the middle of the night.
    2. dont plan on having heat the whole night, you wont sleep much, go to sleep with what you would have on without the stove.
    3. CHECK THE SPARK ARRESTER FOR PINE CREOSOTE BUILD UP! woke up with a tent thick full of smoke and thought the tent was on fire.
    4. in the morning open all baffles and stoke it hot and burn out all the build up in stack and spark arrestor and as an added bonus this burns up all the condensation on the walls.
    5 bring stiff wire to hang and dry boots, socks & gators etc around the top of the center pole where all the heat ends up!

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  2. Alexander Seizovic

    I’d been eyeing this stove for a while and finally pulled the trigger last week to take on a backpacking trip. It was perfect, came in a black Kifaru bag with tab loops to thread compression straps/carabiners for use with my pack. The 18in swallows up decent-sized branches and although it was wet, frozen, and cold I was still able to stay warm. 10/10 this thing will be hard to leave at home

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  3. Matt Burrows

    Nothing better than coming back to this at night or in the rain while in the woods. Performs as advertised!

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  4. Matt G

    This little stove packs down small and is light in the pack. First time set up is not bad, after that it’s easy to do. The heat from the stove is a game changer for me. I use it with the with a megatarp and it’s great for drying out wet gear/clothes and keeping warm. If weight is a concern and you want to run a stove this is the stove to buy.

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  5. whacker

    Weight and pack size meets posted specs. Requires first time assembly at home and test burn. First assembly would be difficult in the field. Watch the youtube videos Kifaru uses to set up. Overall pretty happy, but need more field use to give a proper review.

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