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Trad Bow Hunting with Tom Clum

Tom Clum

Tom Clum, owner of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear joins Aron and Frank on the podcast  Tom was essential in Aron’s transition from Compound bow to traditional bow.  In this episode Tom and Aron provide a wealth of knowledge for those looking to get into traditional bow hunting.  You can truly get a sense of Tom’s passion for traditional bows, and his willingness to share his knowledge and wisdom with others looking to get into bow hunting.  Tom started RMSGear from the ground up. Thousands and thousands of arrows later he has been blessed with many true friendships and is fortunate to enjoy life in a great atmosphere every day. Tom has been bow hunting since 1976 and shooting a traditional bow since 1982. He has successfully hunted many species with the stick and string.

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Antero Giveaway: Follow  RMSGear, and Tom_Clum_Sr on Instagram to enter.  Antero winner will be announced 2/2/2018.


About RMSGear:

Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear got its start in 1995. Back then, in Denver, if you wanted to buy a quality knife, backpack, or set of binoculars in person then you had to drive to the nearest Cabela’s…in Sidney, Nebraska! For this reason RMSGear was started. We have become a niche store specializing in quality hunting products related to traditional archery.
Since the shop’s beginnings we have built one of the best knife shops in Denver, if not the best. We currently have over 450 bows in stock and most any other product you would need related to traditional archery.

RMSGear is a family run Mom & Pop type of store with old fashioned customer service. The shop is ran by Tom Clum and his sons, Tommy and Danny. Tom has 40 years of traditional archery experience, and his two sons have been shooting stick bows since they were coordinated enough to hold one up.

In this day and age a brick and mortar retail store devoted to traditional archery is rare. In the whole country there are only a handful, and among them only a small few are open to the public 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. The staff here is proud to serve the traditional archery community. It is their passion and they would do anything to help others get started in this wonderful sport.

In 2015 we decided to jump into the compound world on a small scale, mainly so we can keep quality service as high as possible. We weren’t willing to do it without the right guy, and we found him. Matt Hogue runs the RMSGear Pro Shop. Matt has the same kind of professionalism and dedication to personal service as RMSGear has been built on.

4298 Kipling St Unit B
Wheat Ridge CO 80033

Phone: 303-421-2259
Toll Free: 1-877-843-5559

Email: [email protected]

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