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Trad Life is the Plaid Life

Henry Ferguson

Henry Ferguson joins the podcast again…when you carry your bow for your senior picture, you must be serious about Archery.  The fellas meant to talk about gear that stands the test of time but end up talking about stiff shafts, gluten free tacos, and plaid shirts.

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Henry runs a website called Not Fit To Hunt

Henry (bigchiefwhackabuck) Furguson on Instagram

Come along with us as we help other archers to become better, more efficient shooters and hunters. We’ll be posting weekly YouTube videos, articles and tips that have helped us become consistently successful in the field and on the tournament line.

​As bowhunters we realize that there are much more efficient methods for taking big game, but the challenge and the extended seasons are what we live for. Working all year to prepare your bow, backpack and yourself to perform at your peak in the singular moments where our skills are put to the ultimate test is practically a full-time job! However, we both have actual full-time jobs and families. Couple that with being active in conservation organizations, church, Boy Scouts, coaching our kid’s sports teams and the time to hone those skills is hard to come by. But if matters enough to you, you will find a way.

Topics will range from archery form, equipment setup and how to use it, to how we scout, hunt and pack out game after a successful hunt. Bringing hope to the lost and disenfranchised hunters who might be 100 sit-ups away from perfection, will be our goal. Looking like you were chiseled out of granite is not and never has been a prerequisite to being a successful hunter.

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