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If you are having any trouble finding the right information on gear to pack for this seasons hunt, give this episode with Kevin Underwood a listen.  Learn from two people who spend most of their time outdoors and have refined their gear list based on experience, not opinion.

Kevin’s gear list is available on his blog…check it out!

Who am I?

I am Kevin Underwood, a husband, father, and hunter from Oregon. Big game hunting has been my passion since before I was old enough to hold my own tag, and it continues to be so today. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend a very large amount of time hunting in the western US, as well as thousands of hours research and fine tuning the gear involved around the pursuit of hunting.

Hunting has so many things to offer both in terms of recreation, and in terms of personal development. The struggle, the failure, the success, and the self-confidence that it has brought to my life over the last 20 years has been immeasurable. Naturally, I want to share with you something that has made such a drastic impact for the better in my life.

The Problem

Over time however, I’ve noticed the trends as social media has swept through our culture. The lines between helpful and worthless as well as between genuine and contrived have become blurred at best. At the same time, hunter numbers are at all time lows, and few people are finding the real connection they seek between nature and society.

Finding solid information and genuine people to glean information from is all but impossible for those wanting to take their first steps down a path into the woods. Hunting is a complicated discipline that can take a lifetime or more to master, yet it has become impossible for the beginner to navigate the cloudy waters of overloaded information while trying to find the meaningful help that they need.

It is estimated, in the meantime, within the next 15 years hunters will no longer be able to financially support the conservation model we have in place currently. The straightforward, but laborious solution is for the hunting community to extend its arm and to help along those interested in partaking in the hunt. I believe in this process completely, but I want to do more.

My Solution

As I continue to help and engage with new hunters on a face to face level, I also want to provide content to those out there who I have never met, in hopes that they will come to enjoy the thing that has shaped so much of my life and world view. By providing what I have spent years learning for myself, I believe that the passion for the natural world will continue to spark the interest of others. My hope is that this interest will continue to grow the community of hunters around the world, and bring that community just a little bit closer together. It is a small bit in the larger picture, but if it can push us all the slightest bit in the right direction, then it will be worth the effort.



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