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Valkyrie Archery Systems

Valkyrie Archery designs, manufactures and sells components for moderate weight extreme forward of center arrow systems for the serious archer.

My relentless quest for superior hard hitting and accurate performance has arrived. For over 25 years, I’ve tested every archery product and component available and have refined arrow technology as you know it by thinking outside the box and simply making it better… A lot better.

The new standard is now available and here for the taking. We’ve changed everything you know about arrow performance and have set the bar for a new era of archers.

For the competitive shooter, every component of the Viking CenterPin™ System works together to deliver precision, forgiveness and stability in all shooting conditions.

For the hardcore bowhunter, you get punishing on target precision coupled with unsurpassed lethality. Valkyrie arrows are designed for zero impact failure on big game. When you couple the Valkyrie Jagger™ with Viking CenterPin™ System, both accuracy and penetration are maximized and pass throughs become the standard.

The days of disposable arrows and components are over.

If you are looking for improved accuracy, dependability, and simplicity… Valkyrie Archery makes the system you need.

Have you been Chosen?

Welcome to Valkyrie Archery.

Get the test kit!

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