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5 String Stuff Sacks and 3 String Stuff Sacks
OK – it’s not every company that can brag about their stuff sack. This one is worth the pixels – upping the ante on lightweight, compact carrying. These featherweight sacks cut bulk and weight, and are exceptionally effective at compressing large bags and components into manageable packages. Instead of bulky webbing to compress, we utilize cordage to do the heavy compression work. Line Locs serve as your cam – no more big buckles, either. Most bag stuff sacks compress lengthwise – ours do not. They compress circumferentially ONLY. Ours are designed to work specifically with a backpack.

5 String Stuff Sacks

Great for larger items like sleeping bags



 Small 890 ci  2.5oz.  9″ x 17″ 9″ x 14″
 Medium 1260 ci  2.8oz.  10.5″ x 17.5″  10.5″ x 14.5″
Large 1,800 ci 3oz. 12″ x 19″ 12″ x 16″
 5 String  Will Hold
 Small Woobie
 Medium  All 20° Slick Bags
 Large  All 0° Slick Bags
All -20° Slick Bags
Down Bags 0° and up

3 String Stuff Sacks
Smaller gear like clothing or tarps

 Small 215 ci 1.2oz. 5″ x 13″  5″ x 11
 Large 423 ci 1.5oz.
7″ x 13″
7″ x 11″
 3 String  Will Hold
 Small ParaTarp
 Large SuperTarp


46 reviews for Stuff Sacks

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  1. Richard

    I purchased the 5-string stuff sack in large to store my Tennier Industries Black Intermediate Bag, which is part of their Modular Sleep System (MSS). The sleeping bag fits perfectly and there’s room left over for a bivy cover. This is an outstanding and well-designed piece of gear.

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  2. Austin

    I got the large 5 string for my 0 degree slick bag. Wouldn’t go with a smaller size stuff sack than that for that size bag. I like the way it stuffs the bag in a tube rather than round ball configuration. The string system is easy to get on and off quickly. Better than a run-of-the-mill stuff sack. Light, strong, simple. No closure or flap on the end so your bag may get damp if that end is up in a rainstorm so I’d recommend running it with the open end down if you can if it’s on the outside of a bag.

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  3. Anonymous

    At first I was little sceptical is this stuff sack any better than any other compression sack, but oh boy I was wrong. Using cords instead of traps is awesome idea, no more turn around straps and compresses much better and cord slide smoothly through tighteners.
    My Arc’teryx Atom LT fits perfectly on 3-string small sized sack. Not the cheapest one but well worth of money. Will definately get more.

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  4. Matt East

    I love these, they compress very well and fit infinitely better into a ruck than the usual style of compression sacks. They are also much lighter than any one I’ve used before. I wish they had a grommet or some other method to prevent the material from snagging on itself when cinching the closure. Also not sure why the pocket to tuck the excess cordage was omitted on more recent ones. Having those loose cords trig’d my OCD, so i have a method of tying them that works well and unties in a second.

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    what else is there to say? Get them. The only potential negative is they save so much space you may in fact be tempted to overload yourself.

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