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Ultralight Pullouts


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Ultralight Pullouts

These “grab-and-go” pouches have been quite popular because they let you easily organize permanent caches of gear that can be hung inside your pack, pocket or on a gear room wall. Rugged and incredibly lightweight with a full zipper for complete access.

– Ultralight (Coyote Brown)

Size/Volume Dimensions Weight
S  40 ci 8″x5″  .6 oz
M  74 ci 10″ x 6″  .8 oz
L  102 ci 13.5″ x 8″  .9 oz
XL  152 ci 15″ x 10″  1.1 oz
Mega  266 ci 19″ x 14″  1.4 oz



126 reviews for Ultralight Pullouts

  1. Mo Millis

    I ordered a size small. When I opened the package I could instantly tell it was a high quality piece of USA work.
    Sizes may be a little smaller than you think. The small is 8″ x 5″, which is correct but only when the bag is laying flat. With items inside it’s more like 6″ x 3″.
    I was not disappointed in the sizing. I had looked at the pictures provided with the listing and knew it would be smaller when filled. The pictures are accurate. Use them when ordering.
    I liked the quality so much I immediately ordered a medium and large. They have not yet arrived.
    For now I can speak for the very high quality as being a fact. After I put these bags through some thorough some use I’ll write a review on the life and durability.

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  2. Anonymous

    These bags are a lot smaller than I expected and appear larger in the video than in actuality. Wasted my money on some useless sizes. The size names are inaccurate exaggerations. Only the Mega and XL are worth purchasing. I can fit 2 sets of cammies in the mega and I can fit some tshirts and underwear in the XL. The L is only usable as a hygiene bag or small kit bag for survival tools, first aid, etc. To be more accurate, they should re-label the mega a large; the XL a M; the L a small; etc. That would be more accurate.

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  3. Colby Toops

    I got the 5 pack and these are great quality and shipping was very fast received everything in 3 days

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  4. Robert Erickson

    Use these extensively to organize my hunting essentials – tried to tear these up and they keep going. Great piece of kit.


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  5. Brian Stas

    Youl be suprised how light and how much gear you can get in these. I have all the stuff sacks from almost every company. These beat even my dynema stuff sacks.

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