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The Kifaru Woobie & Doobie are designed to replace the USGI poncho liner and are MUCH warmer. They are also great as a sleeping bag liner or ground cloth. Our Apex insulation is continuous filament – so strong that no quilting is needed. Plus, it has a better “feel” and draping capabilities – no quilting, so there are no cold spots. Coupled with our water resistant RhinoSkin Shell, you get immediate warmth and protection. Best yet, the Woobie & Doobie are very compressible due to the state of the art materials used. Same great stuff we use in our sleeping bags.

Woobie/Doobie Specs
– Coyote on one side, OD on the other
– Coyote on one side, Multicam on the other
– OD on one side, Multicam on the other
– Coyote on one side, Highlander on the other

Construction: Our proprietary RhinoSkin™ – the lightest/toughest material available with an excellent DWR finish for water resistance, and the reversible two tone color scheme provides more blending latitude.

Insulation: We use Apex insulation on the woobie and Doobie. Continuous filaments provide superior strength, moisture resistance, durability, thermal efficiency and excellent packing efficiency as compared to down or cut staple insulation.

Woobie Weight: 1lb 15oz
Dimensions: 60 X 93 inches*
Insulation: uses 3.6oz / square yard Apex insulation

Doobie Weight: 2lbs 12oz
Dimensions: 60 X 93 inches*
Insulation: uses 6oz / square yard Apex insulation
*dimensions may vary slightly due to pliability of fabric and filler


Cleaning: machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent. front load machine only. no bleach. Tumble dry warm not to exceed 120°F store unstuffed.

Storage, long term: uncompressed
Short term: the built in stuff sack is just fine.


153 reviews for Woobie/Doobie

  1. Christopher Beach

    just got mine last week, used it this weekend in a hammock. I was at 5000 ft, it stormed half the night, raining sideways, 45-50 degrees, but I was good. It’s pricey, but it’s American made and well worth it in my opinion

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  2. Some guy

    The woobie is amazing. I love it. Tried a lot of sleeping bags over the years and they wouldn’t hold up the insulation. I’ve bought a doobie(sold it because too warm/bulky) and 2 woobies. I use the woobie as my sleeping blanket and after years of daily use the insulation is just as warm. Best thing I ever bought and I have to pay extra because of German taxes. Keep it up

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  3. Ken F.

    Took the dog to Wyoming last week for a fishing road trip and brought the woobie. Used it each night in an MSR Hubba 2p with Big Agnes Qcore SLX insulated and was completely surprised how warm the woobie was in that setup. Temps got down to 40 degrees with light rain each night. I usually sleep with a Fanatic hoodie and had to shed that middle of the night. I don’t know if I’m a cold or warm sleeper to be honest, but either way this thing worked well. Side note: took Aron’s advice on the Qcore. That thing is a mattress not a pad. Loved it.

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  4. Andrew

    This thing is great. I have used the woobie during B zone archery in California as my only sleeping bag works great if you secure the loops on the sides together. Additionally I have used it to add insulation and sleep in a bivy using a 50 degree bag and insulated pad, on a night that got into low 30s high 20s.

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    Super well made, warm and durable. Had mine for years, still going.

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