Here is my old checklist:

Backpack, boots, extra sox, extra underwear, bandana, rain/snow parka, toiletries (TP, handiwipes, tooth stuff, any routine medication), first aid kit, hat and gloves, fleece, appropriate sleeping bag for the conditions, foam pad(s) for above, spoon, fork, plastic bowl, plastic cup, firestarter with a backup ( trioxane from Army surplus store and butane lighter AND waterproof matches), swiss army knife, small flashlight or headlamp (best by far ) AND extra bulb and batteries, small stuff sack for making a pillow of stuffed parka, water bottles or platypus bladder, sunglasses, tent, hunting specific stuff– knife, small sharpening system, half dozen extra cartridges, binocs, maybe spotting scope, maybe range finder, maybe little cleaning kit, gallon baggies and a couple of bags for boned meat, saw for horns, extra cordage, license, compass or GPS and extra batteries, map, maybe a good Capstick book.

That ought to do it, I think. You might want to check my essay on Getting Further Back on the hunting specific stuff as I have just winged that part here.

Patrick Smith