Derek Wolfe's Gear for Life

Derek Wolfe's Gear for Life

By Derek Wolfe SB 50 Champ

“Gear for life” is a Kifaru motto that embodies everything I love about American made products, starting with great employees and ending with hands-down the best gear. I wear or use Kifaru every single day, it’s gear for my life. The Rogan “adventure pack” (what I’ve nicknamed my Kifaru fanny pack) is on me daily from work, to working out, to hiking, and shooting my bow. I’d go on, but I think you get the gist. 

The first piece of gear I actively used of Kifaru’s was a simple hat, and call me superstitious, but I never eat tag soup when I’m wearing that hat. Just saying! The t-shirts are my favorite piece of lifestyle clothing. Being 6’6” and 285lbs, finding clothes that fit right is an adventure of its own.

The next piece of gear I actively use is the Urban Ruck II. You want to talk about versatility? This bag is with me when I’m in the tech center packing a laptop, snacks and water to do my afternoon radio show; when I’m scouting critters with my family; and when I’m shredding gnar in Breckenridge as a crucial piece of my gear.

Now for my favorite piece of gear for day hunts or overnight spike-in hunts, the Stryker XL! From a four-day 50 mile grind OTC Colorado hunt, my first successful bull elk hunt in NM which was 60 miles, to the famous Colorado Mountain Lion hunt where I was able to hammer a giant lion and pack it out in one piece through some miserable terrain. The Stryker is also my “training to ruck” pack as well. I will load 3x45lbs plates in this pack and jog for miles and the plates never move. 

Needless to say, I am not only an ambassador for Kifaru, I am a follower. By that I mean that they are everything an American made company should strive to be. -Derek Wolfe SB 50 Champ