Greetings and Happy New Year to my colleagues and readers here on the Blog  My freezers are packed with moose and deer and elk—the results of a long and plentiful autumn of hunting and wandering my beloved backcountry in my most favorite time of year In a word, I'm all set All set for some cozy downtime at the home hearth AND some looking back on my long Road Trip in life  I propose the next installment as an in-depth examination of the issue of Shelter for the man on the move in non-civilized, that is to say undeveloped, wild, country. I'll be taking this back to the Beginning, so to speak, meaning a look at such shelters throughout history. I'll examine winter sheltering too, detailing my experience with snow caves, snow trenches and snow “kivas”. We will cover some mishaps and averted disasters. We will eventually examine in some detail my invention of man-carried heated shelters.  I'll be crafting the story over the days, and perhaps weeks ahead. And I cordially invite you dear friends to come along on the journey!  From Golden, January one, 2019