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The efficiency of a tarp with the stand-up room of a Tipi, this hybrid is a great combo of weight savings & comfort. At 6+ feet tall, you get plenty of headroom, and can easily get dressed, stretch or pull in a couple of camp chairs. All at just 4 1/2 pounds that shrinks down into a tiny, man-carryable package. The semi-conical shape has no big flat sides to catch wind or snow, and has proven its mettle in sustained winds of 50 mph, and gusts of well over 70 mph. Weather simply slides up and over, like a sawtooth. Want to save more weight? Ditch the rear pole and use a trekking pole or cut stick for a 3 ounce savings.

My design intent was to provide myself with a bullet-proof solo shelter for my solo ramblings that I could enter and leave without having to crawl, and at very light weight. As an elder-of-the-tribe rambling man I intend to STAND when I enter my tipi, and I am going to STAND when I put on my duds–indeed, I am going to stand up and stretch…move around…whenever I want. It stands even taller than the 4 man. I’ve been carrying a 6 man tipi a couple of years since I made this resolution. Well, the advent of this new shelter puts the 6 man back on the shelf. I’ve saved significant weight by creating this shelter. It’s light enough I’ll happily tote it anywhere.

Due to it’s sloping shape to the rear the headroom is optimized–the 6′ 5″ testers who’ve been in it can stand straight up. At 5’11” I can even move around a foot or so. It’s very spacious. It is plenty big enough for two men and full rambling gear…including winter equipage. And plentiful firewood. And backpackable camp chairs.

The results of that resolution to build myself a stand-up shelter are everything I wanted. I think it’ll sleep three comfortably!

Seam Sealing
Seam sealer is included, and sealing is done by the customer in order to save costs and expedite your shelter.
1. Pitch your shelter tight to allow sealer to penetrate and waterproof the stretched seams, stitch holes and thread.
2. Fabric should be clean and dry (this sealer claims to cure in wet or damp conditions). Use a paper cup, mix sealant and mineral spirit (paint thinner) until you have a slurry about the thickness of molasses. Using a 1/2″ inch paint brush, apply to all sewn areas, seams, bartacks and holes.
3. Curing: leave the tent pitched until the sealant is not tacky, the longer the better. Fully cures in 24 hours but dries tack free in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Sawtooth Dimensions
Recommended stoves: Small or Medium
*stove jack will not be cut unless purchased with a stove or specified in the comments, we will only cut the stove jack for the diameter of stove pipes that we offer( 3.25, 3.5, 4, 6)
– Stand-up room for 2 people & gear
Weight: 4 lbs., 8 oz. includes pole, pegs, Seam Sealer and 3 bags
Footprint: 13′ 9″ x 8′ 6″
– 15 Peg Loops
– Clothes line along center ridge
– Orange reflective cordage included for guy line loops
Sawtooth Liner: 1lb 2.5oz


28 reviews for Sawtooth

  1. Nicholas Webb

    I bought the Sawtooth last year for Elk hunting in Montana, and camping. I researched a couple other products from various companies and went with Kifaru. During the Elk hunt I had high winds with lots of rain.. Sawtooth held up great and I stayed dry. Seam sealing is super easy. If I can do it, anyone can! Also it gets you familiar with set up and take down. The sawtooth had plenty of room for myself and my hunting buddy with all our gear! I highly recommend this Tipi! You won’t regret it! Also Kifaru’s customer service is top notch! They stop what they are doing and take the time to answer your questions.. Don’t hesitate.. just get the Sawtooth or any other setup from this great company!

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  2. Austin

    I’ve been running this tipi for 3 years with and without the stove. For long duration backcountry always have the stove, makes the trip much more comfortable than a tent. Floorless has never been a problem for me other than condensation if there is any snow on the ground. Clear all the snow you can and it helps to cut that down. Getting in and out around the stove can be a challenge but doable. We sleep 3 men in this with the stove and have plenty of room if extra gear can go elsewhere outside.

    I often use a bivy inside the tipi if expecting condensation. Stands up to high winds, snow, rain, etc.. without issues. Have pitched it in an elk bed when I had limited space but the footprint isn’t small. Have gotten some pinholes in the top from falling ash from the stove but have patched them with silicone and still going strong. When this one wears out I’ll get another. Size and weight is just right.

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  3. Jason Schmidt

    If you’re on the fence about buying a Sawtooth just do it.. Awesome shelter with A TON of usable space.. Three of us and our packs inside and had plenty of room..Three people with stove is possible if you use caution and keep packs outside.. I have had square, floor less shelters from other manufacturers but they don’t have anywhere near the usable space as the Sawtooth does and once the temperature drops my wife really appreciates the stove.. Is the Sawtooth expensive? yes… Is the Sawtooth worth it?…HELL YES!

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  4. Conlan

    Although you could easily fit three men in this shelter. The Sawtooth is the perfect palatial palace for two guys with or without a stove, along with every piece of your gear. As we get older and spend more time in the backcountry, comfort and space becomes paramount. With the Sawtooth, you can have the space and comfort with basically no weight penalty. For example: I’m 6’ 3” and I can easily walk into the shelter or stand up inside and change clothes. This is probably my favorite aspect of its design. When you are doing long hunts with the possibility of riding out storms or spending significant periods of time in your shelter, for me this is when the Sawtooth really shines. I also have both a medium box stove and the 18” Smith stove, and both work perfectly in the Sawtooth. At this point the weight of the Smith stove is why it gets packed most of the time, and having a 2# Ti stove that is capable of getting the Sawtooth up to 90+ degrees is an amazing feature of this versatile shelter. 6 years in with the Sawtooth plus lots of use, and she’s still looking good as new. It’s time to pickup the ultimate floorless shelter and never look back.

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  5. Andrew McDonald

    Bought my Sawtooth close to 4 years ago and absolutely love it. Perfect for two guys with gear, stove, and wood during October elk hunts at 10k feet and is plenty spacious for 3-4 without the stove during summer 14er hiking. Lightweight and durable. Having the stove is a game changer for wet days as you can hang your clothes and they’ll dry out. This thing stood up to howling winds in the Tetons and over a foot of snow dumped in one night in the Sanger De Cristo’s. I look forward to many more nights enjoying standing upright in my warm dry shelter.

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