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As the vibrant colors of spring emerge and the woods wake up, we eagerly prepare for the thrill of the season's first bear hunts. Meticulous planning and strategic packing are essential, and it can take years to get your kit dialed in. Kenneth Thrall shares invaluable insights into packing for a spring bear hunt.

Ready to gear up for your own hunt? Be sure to check out the list of Kifaru gear mentioned below. With the right equipment in hand, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the wilderness and make the most of your hunting adventure.

Check out the collection of gear below and get your last minute orders in for bear season!

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Bedlam Sale price$350 USD
ARK FrameARK Frame
ARK Frame Sale price$500 USD
Uncharted Supply Co MedkitsUncharted Supply Co Medkits
Uncharted Supply Co Medkits Sale priceFrom $75 USD
Grid FleeceGrid Fleece
Grid Fleece Sale price$57 USD
Pullouts Sale priceFrom $15 USD
Kifaru TYTO KnifeKifaru TYTO Knife
Kifaru TYTO Knife Sale priceFrom $115 USD
Bino HarnessBino Harness
Bino Harness Sale priceFrom $125 USD
Water Bottle Pocket Gen 2Water Bottle Pocket Gen 2
Water Bottle Pocket Gen 2 Sale price$40 USD
Game BagsGame Bags
Game Bags Sale priceFrom $21 USD
Admin PouchAdmin Pouch
Admin Pouch Sale priceFrom $40 USD
Lost Park Parka - Half ZipLost Park Parka - Half Zip
Lost Park Parka - Half Zip Sale priceFrom $300 USD
Slick Bag 20Slick Bag 20
Slick Bag 20 Sale priceFrom $430 USD
Sheep TarpSheep Tarp
Sheep Tarp Sale price$150 USD
KU Lid
KU Lid Sale price$90 USD
Men's Quiver Half Zip Hoodie (OD Green)Men's Quiver Half Zip Hoodie (OD Green)