Snow, Sand & Tundra (SST Pins)
Snow, Sand & Tundra (SST Pins)
Snow, Sand & Tundra (SST Pins)
Snow, Sand & Tundra (SST Pins)

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Snow, Sand & Tundra (SST Pins)

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Snow, Sand & Tundra (SST Pins)

Single / SST Long


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Ideal for camping on glaciers, beaches, spongy ground or places prone to severe winds.  Buy them by the kit or individually.

– 6061 aluminum tubing, orange extraction loop
– SST Pin Long:  32″ – 2.25oz.
– SST Pin Short: 18″ – 1.5oz.

– 8 Man: 6 Long + 22 Short Pins – 3.18 lbs.

Your Tipi will come with a set of Groundhog Pegs, which are great for staking out your Tipi on most ground conditions.  If you camp on snow, beaches or spongy ground – anywhere normal Tipi pegs aren’t enough, these pins are your answer. Great for nailing down a Tipi in a severe windstorm above timberline.  Their greater length is the key to their success.

Depending on the snow pack or depth of sand or tundra, SST Pins should be inserted through the Tipi anchor loop at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees to provide a strong anchor for your Tipi. (Depending on the depth of snow, sand, or Tundra – use 70 degree shallower insertion for shallower material.)

Use the long SST Pins to anchor the four main points of your Tipi following normal setup instructions sewn to your Tipi bag.  Use the short SST Pins for the rest of the anchor loops following instructions sewn to your Tipi bag.  You will have some “extra” long SST Pins – the number of extras depending on the size of your Tipi.  Use the extras on the windward side of your Tipi setup.

Proper depth is achieved when the eye loop on the SST Pin pinches the Tipi anchor loop against the snow, sand or tundra, just as you would a normal tent stake.

*In some cases the depth of snow, sand or tundra may be too shallow to adequately achieve the proper depth.  If this occurs increase the angle of the SST Pins until you are able to pinch
the Tipi anchor loop with the eye loop on the SST pin.

In extreme cases, you may need to increase the angle of the SST pin to near horizontal relative to the ground.  If this occurs, once the SST Pin is pinching the Tipi anchor loop, pack down the
ground above the SST Pin.

Proper use of SST Pins should ensure a secure pitch of your Tipi in any weather.