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8 Man Tipi


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8 Man Tipi

The very popular 8 man was Patrick’s first Tipi, and has been everywhere, done everything, for 25 years. It’s combination of size, ruggedness, and weight will serve you well. Wonderful standing and moving around roominess.


8 man specs:

Recommended stoves: Our Medium and Large Box stoves
*stove jack will not be cut unless purchased with a stove or specified in the comments, we will only cut the stove jack for the diameter of stove pipes that we offer ( 3.25, 3.5, 4, 6)
Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz / 3.4kg, includes pole, (Pegs are no longer included due to sourcing delays. Requires 30 pegs of your choosing for optimal performance), Seam Sealer and bag
Footprint: 18′ x 15′
Height: 8′ 6″ (at center pole)
Packed dimensions: 7.75″ x 23″


Seam Sealing

Seam sealer is included, and sealing is done by the customer in order to save costs and expedite your shelter.
1. Pitch your shelter tight to allow sealer to penetrate and waterproof the stretched seams, stitch holes and thread.
2. Fabric should be clean and dry (this sealer claims to cure in wet or damp conditions). Using a 1/2″ inch paint brush, apply to all sewn areas, seams, bartacks and holes.
3. Curing: leave the tent pitched until the sealant is not tacky, the longer the better. Fully cures in 24 hours but dries tack free in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

NO OPEN FIRES. Kifaru Tipis are designed to be used with a stove, and not open fires. Any use of an open fire inside a Tipi will void all warranties.
UV Rays: Any nylon structure will suffer from UV rays if allowed to remain erected for prolonged periods of time. We strongly recommend NOT using your Kifaru shelter as a permanent structure.
Snow Loads: These shelters are not cabins. Do not leave your Tipi unattended in snow country and keep snow knocked off. Warranty does NOT cover snow load damage.
Storage: The greatest harm to Tipi fabric is usually not from abuse or critters, it is improper storage. After your trip, make sure your Tipi is free of any moisture or organic materials – these can eat away at the fabric during storage. Air dry and store out of direct sunlight. Should you find mildew on your Shelter, simply remove spots with a bit of vinegar.
Washing: agitation of machine washing can damage the UV coatings on outdoor fabrics – sponge bathe with Woolite (no bleach). Hang to dry.


11 reviews for 8 Man Tipi

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  1. Jake Fraley

    I love my 8 man… LOVE it… light, stove makes it warm in any weather…

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  2. Matt

    Wow! I used my tipi for 4th season elk in Colorado at 9000ft. It was 38-46 deg and wind gusts up to 50mph. I was worried it would become a kite, but it stood up to the punishment no problem. I got the stove and it keeps it WARM! Be aware of condensation and remember to dry it out before packing up.

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  3. Connor

    Used this shelter with a large stove in -35C, -31 F, winds at 80 km/h or more. I attribute this system to saving us out there. I was using a MEC -17 bag/ 0 bag at the time. I would not say I was comfortable but we were fine, got through that night and hunted the next day. I had the stove going and was able to survive well under very austere conditions

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  4. Joshua Erlandsen

    Seam sealed it properly in the yard, then took it to Desolation Wilderness. I packed it in solo for a 3-day test run in a Kifaru Nomad 2 setup. That’s an 8-man tipi, large box stove, 20 degree slick bag, Helinox chair, big insulated sleeping pad, food, cook kit, etc… came out to ~ 45 lbs. Wouldn’t recommend an 8-man for solo trips, but I was just testing, and it’s definitely do-able, despite the deep snow and not having snow shoes (oops). The tipi performed perfectly. Liners were nice and added comfort. Stove was more efficient than expected. Set-up and take-down is much faster than a lot of regular tents and shelter systems I’ve used – after a little practice. Read the instructions. Overall, very impressed, no regrets, and eager to put it to work during Colorado elk season, and after my upcoming PCS to Alaska. Although now I want a Sawtooth with small stove for solo Extended or quick light duo trips… 🙂

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  5. Anonymous

    I have used the 8 man tipi over 10 years and still going strong. Hunting in the mountains of Wyoming in 40 mph winds, snow and heat. Michigan in the winter on ice covered Lakes and early summer on canoe excursions. Simply the best shelter I have ever used!

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